Staple Art : Baptiste Debombourg

Today I wanted to showcase the work of a French artist I have recently discovered named Baptiste Debombourg. My favorite works of his so far have been his staple art; he uses staples directly on the wall of an instillation space to create shapes and forms. His works are like a brand new genre - painting, relief and instillation all rolled into one. Debombourg's pieces are just amazing:

(Zoomed in on the piece above)

A closer look reveals the material of the piece. So many staples! I would want to reach out and touch this work if I had seen it in person.

Using staples as a medium is brilliant. Not only are they an inexpensive medium, but the room for error during creation and production is wider; if a staple isn't placed just right within the piece, the artist can simply remove it and re-staple it. On the downside, his pieces are not necessarily portable. But by George, they're gorgeous!

Here is an instillation of a very different medium, though it seems as though Debombourg enjoys playing with the walls of a space. It's titled Turbo:


Spring Ensemble, Kaiser & A TuTu

My advanced apologies for not blogging much this week... Casey and I are dog-sitting my family's amazingly large Great Dane, and he has me out of the apartment a lot. As I should be! It's spring and the Dallas weather is just fantastic.

I visited my fam in good ol' Austin, TX this weekend (and quickly realized how much I miss it and how much more wonderful it is than most cities). While there, I dog-knapped Kaiser for the week. He is so well-behaved and quite a conversation starter because of his size.
Here, Kaiser and I are discussing his impending excellent adventure to Dallas.

Kaiser lounging on his blanky in our apartment. Ha! - he and I were watching The Soup

Anyway, I'm quite excited about my ensemble today. Because the weather has been so pleasant and springified, I thought my look should match.

Wearing a new blue and white modal cotton print dress and a new red coral necklace from a boutique in Austin. Paired it with my green modal cotton cardigan from Banana Republic. Accessorized with low-slung brown woven belt, canvas pumps, and my 'birds nest' gold cuff bracelet - a gift from one of my favorite couples, the Shanks.

Also, I dearly wish that tutu skirts were socially acceptable in the fashion world. Ballerinas, little girls, and Jim Carey get to have all the fun. This is what happens when you let me play dressup:


Afros Afros Afros!

So I was flipping through the new April issue of Vogue that I received this week. (When I get my magazine subscriptions in the mail... serious giggling with glee.) I came across a Beauty Influences article about natural black hair and afros. They included a behind-the-scenes photo of Marc Jacobs with Louis Vuitton models at the Spring 2010 fashion show. And behold, the LV models were wearing huge disco afros with bows: Hmm, I thought. This looks eerily similar to a look we just rocked at the St Patrick's Day Parade in Dallas, 2 weeks before...

Looks like SOMEONE is ahead of the fashion curve...
*cough cough ME cough* I'm just sayin.

In other news, I had to do a piece for work on Lady Gaga and her outrageous, chamelion-like style. Is it weird that I kinda dig this?:

Gaga in London. Blonde and purple wig fashioned into a hat of sorts with feathers coming out of the top. Brilliant. I like it.
This look, not so much...


New Shoes : Rocker Zipper Stilettos

Am I obsessed with shoes?

Plenty of ladies have a shoe fetish, I suppose. Personally, I have a Shoe-A-Day calendar on my desk, my collection has grown to a rather boastable pile in my closet, and the shoe element of the outfit is the first element I select when I get dressed for the day. (I usually work my way up from there.) When I see a cute dress or outfit, my first thought is, 'What footwear would I pair with that?' Carrie Bradshaw -that Manolo-loving columnist - paved the way for all of us shoe whores. I saw the Sex and the City movie almost solely to check out the heels (and outfits) in which Carrie would be strutting the streets of NY. I had a dream the other night that Christian Louboutin fitted me for my own personal pair of nude pumps. I also happily and religiously read the lovely Miss Jane's Sea of Shoes blog, among others.
I did join a shoe-of-the-month club back in November. A genius little idea (sadly) sprung from the mind of Kim Kardashian called ShoeDazzle.com. At the risk of sounding 'salesy', ShoeDazzle offers members fairly unique shoes which are hand-selected for you, once a month, based on your style profile. Most months are kind of hit-or-miss, but this month was right on. Each of the shoes have names; my pick this month was called Tiana:

Yep - those are zipper embellishments. Precious, I know. I wore them out one evening with my new black matte pleather leggings from American Apparel (no picture yet, sorry). Definitely the most expensive pair of leggings I have bought to date, but very worth it.
Am I obsessed with shoes? Nah. In love with shoes? Hollaaaaa!


A New Look for Lizzle : After!


At home right after the salon.

At work today. My boss took the photo.

Crap - these pictures are dark. The pics make it look more streaky than blonde. My bad. A Nikon professional camera holds the first spot on my Christmas list. Anywho, the recently brunette Lizz is now ready for spring!

3 hours in the beauty chair + 1 awesome colorist named Angel at Michelle Patrick Salon + 3 diffierent hues of blonde later = the new me. Well, Phase I of new me. Phase II will involve taking the rest of my dark brown to very light brown. And also I'm never dying my hair red/burgundy/whatever... ever again! The red reared its ugly head yesterday in the blonding process and tried to sabotage new me. But Angel cracked her whip and tamed the beast.

In the chair at the salon. Angel behind me. Glass of wine was there too.
Under the heat lamps in my foil, pondering new me.

Angel told me about a client she had who took 6 hours in the chair turning her hair from jet black to platinum blonde. Yeesh! That made me feel better about my 3 hours.

And so begins the turning of a new leaf. A new page. A carte blanche. Unfortunately, today marks the first day in over a year that my alarm did not go off this a.m. Thus, I accidentaly slept-in and was late to work. A bad sign? Perhaps. New me may be a little unlucky, but let's see if I don't at least have more fun as a blonde...


A New Look for Lizzle : Before

Guess who's going blonde tomorrow... meeeeeee!

Well, not completely blonde. But my chocolate locks will have a distinct hint of golden goodness as of 5:30 tomorrow evening. Why touch the brunette color I worked so hard to achieve after scalding my hair with burgundy only a year ago? I like to call it a never-ending case of indecisiveness, an ever-changing look. A side effect of being in the beauty and fashion industry. Chalk it up to spring.

I have gotten in the habit of bringing a picture of a celebrity with the hair color or style I like. I don't know whether stylists dig that or not, but I'm terrible at articulating what I want. The lucky celeb this time? Surprisingly, Amanda Bynes. I'm not going to show you the picture I chose because I don't think Miss Bynes would appreciate it (not a flattering pic). Turns out, though her acting career has been sequestered to mediocre teen flicks, her stylist has been working up a sweat. For me, bringing a photo to a hair appointment is probably necessary or I'd end up with a Rihanna reverse mullet and highlights like Lance Bass circa 1997.

Fingers crossed.

BEFORE(My longer hair now affords me the ability to style it in a pompadour/mohawk of sorts. Is it more rocker or cockatoo?)

Film Review : The September Issue

My most recent Netflix rental was this documentary: The September Issue

Summary from IMDB.com: The September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine weighed nearly five pounds, and was the single largest issue of a magazine ever published. With unprecedented access, this film tells the story of legendary Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and her larger-than-life team of editors creating the issue and ruling the world of fashion.

In a nutshell, the depth of content and behind-the-scenes footage within the documentary was more than I expected. I truly relished being a fly-on-the-wall in Vogue creative meetings between editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, creative director Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour, and Vogue's extremely diligent army of fashion gurus. The film even takes us to the set of high-fashion photoshoots, one in particular with (one of my favorites) model Coco Rocha. The racks and racks of gorgeous garments and priceless pieces and accessories was enough to make any fashion freak swoon. Even the passive-aggressive disagreements in which Wintour and Coddington would occasionally partake brought a realism for me to the Vogue publication world. We also get a front row seat during Paris fashion week. I would expect nothing less for a day in the life of courageous leader Anna Wintour. And I couldn't help but be reminded of a little personal favorite known as The Devil Wears Prada, even if it was based on hyperbole.

However, I wanted more! If you can imagine a brief documentary, I felt the film ended too quickly. I also felt as though there was no real climax, no 'this is what we've been working towards!' moment. All of a sudden, Andre was signing off on the photo for the cover, the storyboard was being taken down, and Wintour was reflecting on her industry and long-standing position with Vogue. It's over? I did like how the fourth wall is broken towards the end and Grace Coddington begins to chat with the cameraman. Endearing.

'Twas still a brilliant look into the world of fashion, large-scale collaboration and the Vogue publication... an inside peek at how it all goes down and how everything comes together during the most important fashion magazine issue of the year - the September issue. Thanks R.J. Cutler!

Stars: **** I'll give it 4 out of 5


Le Premièr

Bienvenue, Bienvenidos and Welcome to my first post!

I want it to be good... good like the first sip of CocaCola after you decided that you're giving up sodas for Lent. Alright, I did drink one of those mini Cokes, but it was just going to sit in my fridge and stare at me like a sad puppy if I didn't drink it. I'm sure you understand...

I suppose I should tell you a bit about Lizz Aubrey, where I came from and all that goodness. Brace yourself, it's pretty wild. Born on Galveston Island, Texas. Moved to Los Angeles, then Omaha Nebraska (shudder), then Orlando Florida, and finally back to the beautifully eclectic city of Austin Texas. Austin has my heart and that's where it will always stay. What can I say? We 'keep it weird'. My significant other and I currently reside in Dallas. We attended school in San Antonio where I majored in Communication, Studio Art, and Film.

What do I do now? Since I graduated to the present, I've worked in the e-commerce industry, surprisingly enough using each of my degrees. However, my most fervent passions are fashion and art. If I could sew, I'd be a designer. If I had connections, I'd work for Vogue or W Magazine. If I had the money, I'd be creating and making (hopefully) beautiful works of art in my studio. I have many aspirations, you see. Call me a 'dreamer'. My biggest vice? Shoes. If my bank account were prettier, I'd have a closet just for shoes. Floor to ceiling cubbies of shoes, shoes, shoes. The superlative I earned at work? 'Shoe whore'. No joke.

Why am I writing this blog? Well I have a theory that someone somewhere may care what I think, may want to hear what I have to say, may be interested in the same things I am, etc etc. Perhaps not, but blogs are supposed to be cathartic, no? I also think I'm funny sometimes, but I'll let you be the judge of that. On occasion, I'll probably post photographs, talk about fashion trends and updates to my closet, and post images of my artwork. For all intents and purposes, we'll call it a fashion blog. If you're lucky I'll tell a joke, post a video, or plug my latest favorite retailer/film/artist/designer/charitable organization/breed of dog. It'll be like a box of chocolates - you'll just never know what you're going to get (thank you Mr Gump for that little gem).

So saddle up, amigos. It's going to be fun. Fun for me anyway. Happy first day of Spring!

Lizz Aubrey