Afros Afros Afros!

So I was flipping through the new April issue of Vogue that I received this week. (When I get my magazine subscriptions in the mail... serious giggling with glee.) I came across a Beauty Influences article about natural black hair and afros. They included a behind-the-scenes photo of Marc Jacobs with Louis Vuitton models at the Spring 2010 fashion show. And behold, the LV models were wearing huge disco afros with bows: Hmm, I thought. This looks eerily similar to a look we just rocked at the St Patrick's Day Parade in Dallas, 2 weeks before...

Looks like SOMEONE is ahead of the fashion curve...
*cough cough ME cough* I'm just sayin.

In other news, I had to do a piece for work on Lady Gaga and her outrageous, chamelion-like style. Is it weird that I kinda dig this?:

Gaga in London. Blonde and purple wig fashioned into a hat of sorts with feathers coming out of the top. Brilliant. I like it.
This look, not so much...

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