A New Look for Lizzle : After!


At home right after the salon.

At work today. My boss took the photo.

Crap - these pictures are dark. The pics make it look more streaky than blonde. My bad. A Nikon professional camera holds the first spot on my Christmas list. Anywho, the recently brunette Lizz is now ready for spring!

3 hours in the beauty chair + 1 awesome colorist named Angel at Michelle Patrick Salon + 3 diffierent hues of blonde later = the new me. Well, Phase I of new me. Phase II will involve taking the rest of my dark brown to very light brown. And also I'm never dying my hair red/burgundy/whatever... ever again! The red reared its ugly head yesterday in the blonding process and tried to sabotage new me. But Angel cracked her whip and tamed the beast.

In the chair at the salon. Angel behind me. Glass of wine was there too.
Under the heat lamps in my foil, pondering new me.

Angel told me about a client she had who took 6 hours in the chair turning her hair from jet black to platinum blonde. Yeesh! That made me feel better about my 3 hours.

And so begins the turning of a new leaf. A new page. A carte blanche. Unfortunately, today marks the first day in over a year that my alarm did not go off this a.m. Thus, I accidentaly slept-in and was late to work. A bad sign? Perhaps. New me may be a little unlucky, but let's see if I don't at least have more fun as a blonde...

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