A New Look for Lizzle : Before

Guess who's going blonde tomorrow... meeeeeee!

Well, not completely blonde. But my chocolate locks will have a distinct hint of golden goodness as of 5:30 tomorrow evening. Why touch the brunette color I worked so hard to achieve after scalding my hair with burgundy only a year ago? I like to call it a never-ending case of indecisiveness, an ever-changing look. A side effect of being in the beauty and fashion industry. Chalk it up to spring.

I have gotten in the habit of bringing a picture of a celebrity with the hair color or style I like. I don't know whether stylists dig that or not, but I'm terrible at articulating what I want. The lucky celeb this time? Surprisingly, Amanda Bynes. I'm not going to show you the picture I chose because I don't think Miss Bynes would appreciate it (not a flattering pic). Turns out, though her acting career has been sequestered to mediocre teen flicks, her stylist has been working up a sweat. For me, bringing a photo to a hair appointment is probably necessary or I'd end up with a Rihanna reverse mullet and highlights like Lance Bass circa 1997.

Fingers crossed.

BEFORE(My longer hair now affords me the ability to style it in a pompadour/mohawk of sorts. Is it more rocker or cockatoo?)

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  1. LOVE the new blog. I will definitely be a loyal reader. -Jessica


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