New Shoes : Rocker Zipper Stilettos

Am I obsessed with shoes?

Plenty of ladies have a shoe fetish, I suppose. Personally, I have a Shoe-A-Day calendar on my desk, my collection has grown to a rather boastable pile in my closet, and the shoe element of the outfit is the first element I select when I get dressed for the day. (I usually work my way up from there.) When I see a cute dress or outfit, my first thought is, 'What footwear would I pair with that?' Carrie Bradshaw -that Manolo-loving columnist - paved the way for all of us shoe whores. I saw the Sex and the City movie almost solely to check out the heels (and outfits) in which Carrie would be strutting the streets of NY. I had a dream the other night that Christian Louboutin fitted me for my own personal pair of nude pumps. I also happily and religiously read the lovely Miss Jane's Sea of Shoes blog, among others.
I did join a shoe-of-the-month club back in November. A genius little idea (sadly) sprung from the mind of Kim Kardashian called ShoeDazzle.com. At the risk of sounding 'salesy', ShoeDazzle offers members fairly unique shoes which are hand-selected for you, once a month, based on your style profile. Most months are kind of hit-or-miss, but this month was right on. Each of the shoes have names; my pick this month was called Tiana:

Yep - those are zipper embellishments. Precious, I know. I wore them out one evening with my new black matte pleather leggings from American Apparel (no picture yet, sorry). Definitely the most expensive pair of leggings I have bought to date, but very worth it.
Am I obsessed with shoes? Nah. In love with shoes? Hollaaaaa!

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