Spring Ensemble, Kaiser & A TuTu

My advanced apologies for not blogging much this week... Casey and I are dog-sitting my family's amazingly large Great Dane, and he has me out of the apartment a lot. As I should be! It's spring and the Dallas weather is just fantastic.

I visited my fam in good ol' Austin, TX this weekend (and quickly realized how much I miss it and how much more wonderful it is than most cities). While there, I dog-knapped Kaiser for the week. He is so well-behaved and quite a conversation starter because of his size.
Here, Kaiser and I are discussing his impending excellent adventure to Dallas.

Kaiser lounging on his blanky in our apartment. Ha! - he and I were watching The Soup

Anyway, I'm quite excited about my ensemble today. Because the weather has been so pleasant and springified, I thought my look should match.

Wearing a new blue and white modal cotton print dress and a new red coral necklace from a boutique in Austin. Paired it with my green modal cotton cardigan from Banana Republic. Accessorized with low-slung brown woven belt, canvas pumps, and my 'birds nest' gold cuff bracelet - a gift from one of my favorite couples, the Shanks.

Also, I dearly wish that tutu skirts were socially acceptable in the fashion world. Ballerinas, little girls, and Jim Carey get to have all the fun. This is what happens when you let me play dressup:

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