Staple Art : Baptiste Debombourg

Today I wanted to showcase the work of a French artist I have recently discovered named Baptiste Debombourg. My favorite works of his so far have been his staple art; he uses staples directly on the wall of an instillation space to create shapes and forms. His works are like a brand new genre - painting, relief and instillation all rolled into one. Debombourg's pieces are just amazing:

(Zoomed in on the piece above)

A closer look reveals the material of the piece. So many staples! I would want to reach out and touch this work if I had seen it in person.

Using staples as a medium is brilliant. Not only are they an inexpensive medium, but the room for error during creation and production is wider; if a staple isn't placed just right within the piece, the artist can simply remove it and re-staple it. On the downside, his pieces are not necessarily portable. But by George, they're gorgeous!

Here is an instillation of a very different medium, though it seems as though Debombourg enjoys playing with the walls of a space. It's titled Turbo:

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