Pics From My BlackBerry

Before I delete them from my BBerry, I have to put them somewhere...

I can't believe I'm saying this - I actually ended up hot-gluing flowers to a sunhat. But I think this ensemble is a Yao Ming's step up from mine in that third grade play.

TA-DA! My Kentucky Derby hat:

Yep, it's pretty pink. I added some matching flowers and two little feathered birds. I cant wait to wear it to the races this weekend. Churchill Downs ain't ready for dis!

Here is a fantastically loud outfit I spotted on a dude in the Tampa airport on my way back from Sarasota. Holy plaid. The Crocs only add to its appeal. The only time grown men should wear outfits with matching tops and bottoms is if they perform in Cirque du Soleil...

I spotted this adorable little Vespa in the parking garage at work yesterday. It's white with brown leather seat and carrier trunk in the back. I can just see myself humming through a tiny Italian town on this thing:

Some flowers I brought a coworker today as a cheer-up gift from friend Taylor and me. Sunflowers and Gerber daisies:

Oh and I'm officially returning those Seychelles floral wedges. Like a man with eyelashes longer than mine, those shoes and I just aren't going to work out. They're prettier than me. I can't do it.

I do have my eye on these bad boys, however. Jessica Simpson 'Gobow' platforms. Delish!


Sarasota, Part II

More pictures from my trip to Sarasota, FL...

Sunning with sandy toes. See Mom, I used sunscreen.

Eating at the famous Tommy Bahama Cafe in St. Armands Circle

Found an artist. She painted beautiful impressionistic Floridian cityscapes

Enjoying cocktail hour at the Ritz before 'drumming down the sun'...

Amy, Colleen, Pam and I enjoying a wonderful ritual we were taught at Lido Beach. Everyone brings their congo drums down to the beach, faces the setting sun, and drums until the last orange sliver of sun sinks below the water. It's amazingly surreal.

Beers at the tiki bar before eating a hearty seafood dinner at the Crab & Fin

Sarasota, we'll see ya next year...


Sarasota, Florida

First of all, NO - I found neither a Derby hat nor shoes. Did I look very hard? No. I'll buy them this week, get off my back. I'm what they, in the business, like to call a procrastinator. One of the best.

So for now... a few pics from my amazingly wonderful girls trip to Sarasota, Florida!

The view from the condo in which we stayed at the Ritz-Carleton.
Lido Beach = white sand and clear green water

Colleen, Amy and I masterfully recreating that scene from Blue Crush at sunset (sans surfboards)

Handstand in the sand


Derby Duds

The proverbial 'race' continues for a Kentucky Derby hat and shoes. Apparently one's look needs to coordinate but not be too matchy-matchy. I haven't been so anxious about assembling an outfit since Halloween when I went as the Queen of Hearts and thought I needed every accessory they make. Halloween is serious business for me. Just wait 'til October rolls around... I'll be blogging every 5 minutes swearing that Jane Jetson is the costume for me. No, now it's Poison Ivy. Wait, I think I'll be Elmo this year. Sorry in advance.
But that is neither here nor there. I already have the dress - a classic white linen, strapless knee-length dress from JCrew. A blank canvas. It will be hard to find a hat and shoes that don't go with it. I bought a pair of wedges from Nordstrom that I thought were spring-y and Derby-ish, but I'm already having buyer's remorse:

Might take them back and shop around more, not like I have much time left... (All I can think about are nude-colored wedges). I keep trying to remind myself that over-the-top is the norm at the Derby. Exhibit A:

This opens up a whole new set of questions. Should I go crazy with the hat and add fake birds and flowers and feathers, oh my? Yes. Okay then, what is too much? I suppose I can always take a tip from Hef and the girls...

Even though they look like pieces of cake, I suppose everyone will be looking like cake. Cake is the norm. So are mint julips. Thank goodness for that.
This hat is interesting, but it would probably have to be hand-made. No dice:

I really like lil' Miss Nancy O'Dell's look. Simple. Classic. Elegant:

This week I'm taking a girls trip to sunny Florida with Pam, Amy and Colleen. Maybe if we do some shopping I'll find a Derby gem. If not, it may be back to 3rd grade when I hot-glued 2 fake light-up roses to a sunhat for a play. Show-stopper!

Hello Florida...


Fashion, As Disney Sees It

In the April 2010 issue of Elle Spain Magazine, a Disney artist named Ulrich Schroder whimsically illustrates fashion today using Disney characters inspired by the well-known designers themselves. I thought I'd share a few of the fun illustrations:

(I liked picking out the other Disney and Pixar characters in the background!)

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Donatella Versace

Jean Paul Gaultier

John Galliano

Marc Jacobs

Dolce and Gabbana

It's a small and fashionable world after all...


These Are A Few of My Favorite...Sites

This is where I purchase most of my one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces: ETSY.com

If you've never heard of it, go there. It is the most wonderful community of artisans, artists, creatives and designers. It's a place where people can sell their handmade jewelry, clothing, home goods, accessories, and more. Because I like my clothing and jewelry to have a story - a meaning or feeling - with every purchase on Etsy, I usually start a conversation with the seller. I ask about how they made the piece and what was the meaning behind its creation. Most recently, I purchased a pair of large feather earrings from a sweet jewelry designer named Rachel.

Not only have I purchased some amazing and unique jewelry from this site, it's also wonderfully humanitarian: TheHungerSite.com

There is a 'click to give for free' feature on the homepage of each tab dedicated to rainforest rescue, feeding villages in impoverished foreign countries, breast cancer awareness, animal rescue, and other worthy causes (part of CharityUSA and the Greater Good Network). I click once a day to give, but I have also bought gorgeous silver jewelry from Africa, Nepal, and other countries where Fair Trade is utilized to import handmade goods into the US. With each item you purchase, you can learn who made the piece, from where it was imported, and how your purchase furthers the philanthropic effort (i.e. how many cups of food were donated to a village by your purchase).
Plus it's a great place to buy friends and family gifts!

The blog I read daily: 2birds1blog.com

Oh my gosh are these people funny. I have to stifle outbursts of laughter when I read it at work. Meg and Chris take turns blogging and I swear their life is an episode of Friends combined with Seinfeld and a heaping dose of self-deprecation on top. Magical.

Another daily read: SeaOfShoes.com

The blogger, Jane, has the most fantastic fashion sense, I think. Plus she takes gorgeously colorful photographs. She's certainly an inspiration to me. I believe she lives nearby in Dallas too, so I'm hoping to randomly run into her one day.

A weekly read: Trendland.com

On top of their stuff, these trendies are. I visit Trendland to get a glimpse of what is new and upcoming in the world of fashion, photography, design, art - you know, all my favorite things. Sign up for their daily newsletter - it will rock your socks. Much like this picture rocks mine...


Louboutin, Mon Amour

Very happy it is Friday. What do I do when I'm feeling TGIF-y but stuck indoors at work? Online window shop. What makes me happiest? Shoes. I decided to peer into the wacky world of the shoe maestro Christian Louboutin to catch up on his 2010 Spring and Summer Collections. (If you've never visited his website, you must, if for no other reason than to hear the clickity-clack of heels as you navigate.)

Here is a look at some of the latest Louboutins for the season:

Patent heels named Tahiti. I want these for the Kentucky Derby.

Striped canvas heels named Melita 2.

These have had a lot of face time for the collection. Black leather with silver studs, heels called Studio.

Silver silk and sequinned heels appropriately named Poseidon. Also available in gold and aqua! I tried them on at Nordstrom... like a glove!

Miniglitter heels named Titi. Bling bling!

Suede heels named Greissimo Mule. Very 'Carrie Bradshaw' indeed.

Suede wrap-around strappy buckle heels named Staratata.

White and yellow leather w/ black stitching named Let Me Tell You. Very pop art!

Though I am not a proponent of using real furs and skins (I know - fashion crime, heresy, blah blah...) these Roccia watersnake heels named Banana are pretty sweet.

So what do the flats and men's shoes look like this season? I'm so glad you asked...

Mirror leather in what seems to be easter egg pink, named Fred Flat. Yowza!

(All images reappropriated from ChristianLouboutin.com)


Hair Photography : Color!

Because I currently work in the fashion and beauty industry, I am constantly looking at funky fashion photography, mostly involving hair. My favorite shoots are when photographers and creative directors have fun with the subject and mix it up. Here are a few photos that caught my eye from recent shoots...

By Italian photography Maurizio Fantini:

Makeup and Hair by Sylvia Dell'Orto:

The following doesn't have the slightest to do with hair or makeup, but the piece is fun and whimsical all the same. It's a piece called 'Storyteller' by interior designer Isabel Quiroga. Don't be surprised if I try to manifest some adaptation of this shelving in my apartment...


Nostalgia & Gratitude

When I leave work and drive to the gym, I always pass this adorable little Vintage store on the way. The door always seems to be open, and brightly colored dress forms with feathered boas are always perched happily on the porch. Well yesterday, I decided it was high time I take a look inside.

The entrance to the store - great hall of hats

The store is affectionately called Gratitude and the sign on the door boasts "vintage apparel, collectibles, nostalgia". It sells itself. I've always loved vintage stores almost solely for the smell and that warm feeling I get when browsing racks and racks of unique pieces. I like my clothes to have a story - a feeling or a meaning. So naturally I relished the fact that Gratitude prints the decade from which the piece came on the garment tag.

I found the mother of all bad wedding dresses: a 1980s acrylic lace, poofy long-sleeved top with multi-layered ruffle skirt. Awesome.

A 1970s terricloth tunique dress complete with rick-rack and tassle embellishments. I couldn't help but think of Mrs Roper from Three's Company!

And the mack-daddy of the store... a white mohair disco coat! Pimpin'

I didn't buy anything this time - I'll go back for another round. There was a 1960s vintage duster coat completely covered in big gold sequins that caught my eye. It was tough to put it back on the rack. But I'm not an impulse shopper. The premise of Confessions of a Shopaholic was a foreign concept to me (that, and I didn't understand why they chose to make an okay book series into an even less-okay movie).

But Gratitude made my day and warmed my soul. Gold duster... I'll be back for you.