Derby Duds

The proverbial 'race' continues for a Kentucky Derby hat and shoes. Apparently one's look needs to coordinate but not be too matchy-matchy. I haven't been so anxious about assembling an outfit since Halloween when I went as the Queen of Hearts and thought I needed every accessory they make. Halloween is serious business for me. Just wait 'til October rolls around... I'll be blogging every 5 minutes swearing that Jane Jetson is the costume for me. No, now it's Poison Ivy. Wait, I think I'll be Elmo this year. Sorry in advance.
But that is neither here nor there. I already have the dress - a classic white linen, strapless knee-length dress from JCrew. A blank canvas. It will be hard to find a hat and shoes that don't go with it. I bought a pair of wedges from Nordstrom that I thought were spring-y and Derby-ish, but I'm already having buyer's remorse:

Might take them back and shop around more, not like I have much time left... (All I can think about are nude-colored wedges). I keep trying to remind myself that over-the-top is the norm at the Derby. Exhibit A:

This opens up a whole new set of questions. Should I go crazy with the hat and add fake birds and flowers and feathers, oh my? Yes. Okay then, what is too much? I suppose I can always take a tip from Hef and the girls...

Even though they look like pieces of cake, I suppose everyone will be looking like cake. Cake is the norm. So are mint julips. Thank goodness for that.
This hat is interesting, but it would probably have to be hand-made. No dice:

I really like lil' Miss Nancy O'Dell's look. Simple. Classic. Elegant:

This week I'm taking a girls trip to sunny Florida with Pam, Amy and Colleen. Maybe if we do some shopping I'll find a Derby gem. If not, it may be back to 3rd grade when I hot-glued 2 fake light-up roses to a sunhat for a play. Show-stopper!

Hello Florida...


  1. Anonymous4/20/2010

    Florida will bring the oerfect hat...but how to get it home.....hmmmmmm buy it a seat. perhaps? I love the shoes, FYI.
    Mama P

  2. Anonymous4/20/2010

    Just printed my Derby ticket!!!! I can't wait Lizz!!!! Let me know if you find anything fun!

  3. I am not sure if you will see this b/c the post was so old but I was looking through people's best bikini bods and guess what- I found your runner up derby shoes! I recognized them immediately.


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