Louboutin, Mon Amour

Very happy it is Friday. What do I do when I'm feeling TGIF-y but stuck indoors at work? Online window shop. What makes me happiest? Shoes. I decided to peer into the wacky world of the shoe maestro Christian Louboutin to catch up on his 2010 Spring and Summer Collections. (If you've never visited his website, you must, if for no other reason than to hear the clickity-clack of heels as you navigate.)

Here is a look at some of the latest Louboutins for the season:

Patent heels named Tahiti. I want these for the Kentucky Derby.

Striped canvas heels named Melita 2.

These have had a lot of face time for the collection. Black leather with silver studs, heels called Studio.

Silver silk and sequinned heels appropriately named Poseidon. Also available in gold and aqua! I tried them on at Nordstrom... like a glove!

Miniglitter heels named Titi. Bling bling!

Suede heels named Greissimo Mule. Very 'Carrie Bradshaw' indeed.

Suede wrap-around strappy buckle heels named Staratata.

White and yellow leather w/ black stitching named Let Me Tell You. Very pop art!

Though I am not a proponent of using real furs and skins (I know - fashion crime, heresy, blah blah...) these Roccia watersnake heels named Banana are pretty sweet.

So what do the flats and men's shoes look like this season? I'm so glad you asked...

Mirror leather in what seems to be easter egg pink, named Fred Flat. Yowza!

(All images reappropriated from ChristianLouboutin.com)


  1. mama hill4/10/2010

    You are like the Cliff Notes of fashion for me.....

  2. Pammy you're the most fashionable lady I know. You could rock a few of these shoes...


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