Nostalgia & Gratitude

When I leave work and drive to the gym, I always pass this adorable little Vintage store on the way. The door always seems to be open, and brightly colored dress forms with feathered boas are always perched happily on the porch. Well yesterday, I decided it was high time I take a look inside.

The entrance to the store - great hall of hats

The store is affectionately called Gratitude and the sign on the door boasts "vintage apparel, collectibles, nostalgia". It sells itself. I've always loved vintage stores almost solely for the smell and that warm feeling I get when browsing racks and racks of unique pieces. I like my clothes to have a story - a feeling or a meaning. So naturally I relished the fact that Gratitude prints the decade from which the piece came on the garment tag.

I found the mother of all bad wedding dresses: a 1980s acrylic lace, poofy long-sleeved top with multi-layered ruffle skirt. Awesome.

A 1970s terricloth tunique dress complete with rick-rack and tassle embellishments. I couldn't help but think of Mrs Roper from Three's Company!

And the mack-daddy of the store... a white mohair disco coat! Pimpin'

I didn't buy anything this time - I'll go back for another round. There was a 1960s vintage duster coat completely covered in big gold sequins that caught my eye. It was tough to put it back on the rack. But I'm not an impulse shopper. The premise of Confessions of a Shopaholic was a foreign concept to me (that, and I didn't understand why they chose to make an okay book series into an even less-okay movie).

But Gratitude made my day and warmed my soul. Gold duster... I'll be back for you.

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