These Are A Few of My Favorite...Sites

This is where I purchase most of my one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces: ETSY.com

If you've never heard of it, go there. It is the most wonderful community of artisans, artists, creatives and designers. It's a place where people can sell their handmade jewelry, clothing, home goods, accessories, and more. Because I like my clothing and jewelry to have a story - a meaning or feeling - with every purchase on Etsy, I usually start a conversation with the seller. I ask about how they made the piece and what was the meaning behind its creation. Most recently, I purchased a pair of large feather earrings from a sweet jewelry designer named Rachel.

Not only have I purchased some amazing and unique jewelry from this site, it's also wonderfully humanitarian: TheHungerSite.com

There is a 'click to give for free' feature on the homepage of each tab dedicated to rainforest rescue, feeding villages in impoverished foreign countries, breast cancer awareness, animal rescue, and other worthy causes (part of CharityUSA and the Greater Good Network). I click once a day to give, but I have also bought gorgeous silver jewelry from Africa, Nepal, and other countries where Fair Trade is utilized to import handmade goods into the US. With each item you purchase, you can learn who made the piece, from where it was imported, and how your purchase furthers the philanthropic effort (i.e. how many cups of food were donated to a village by your purchase).
Plus it's a great place to buy friends and family gifts!

The blog I read daily: 2birds1blog.com

Oh my gosh are these people funny. I have to stifle outbursts of laughter when I read it at work. Meg and Chris take turns blogging and I swear their life is an episode of Friends combined with Seinfeld and a heaping dose of self-deprecation on top. Magical.

Another daily read: SeaOfShoes.com

The blogger, Jane, has the most fantastic fashion sense, I think. Plus she takes gorgeously colorful photographs. She's certainly an inspiration to me. I believe she lives nearby in Dallas too, so I'm hoping to randomly run into her one day.

A weekly read: Trendland.com

On top of their stuff, these trendies are. I visit Trendland to get a glimpse of what is new and upcoming in the world of fashion, photography, design, art - you know, all my favorite things. Sign up for their daily newsletter - it will rock your socks. Much like this picture rocks mine...


  1. Anonymous4/15/2010

    OK this blog took me forever to read because I HAD to visit all the cool links...it was like a walk with all kinds of paths running off that I had to discover. Now more places to spend money in the comfort of my own home! BAD Lizzy.
    Mama Hill

  2. I luv 2birds1blog. one of my favs! sorr about the bag.


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