Gaga Dollars

If you enjoy the many looks of Lady Gaga (Lord knows I do) and dollar bills (?), then you'll love Greg Gleason's Gaga Dollars. It sounds like the currency given at some psychadellic pop-opera theme park. But they are actually artworks created by Gleason. He sees a resemblance between George Washington and Lady Gaga. Perhaps it's the wigs? The nose?

He works directly on dollar bills, hand-painting Gaga's crazy wigs, sunglasses and masks over Washington's face. I think it may be a crime of some degree to deface US currency, but whatever. I'm sure Gaga appreciates it.

You've seen all those outfits on Gaga before, right? Right?
You can watch a YouTube video of Gleason painting one of the dollars if you click here. Apparently he sells the Gaga Dollars for around $15... a steal.


Christian Dior Runway Show in Shanghai

I ask you, how much more classic and elegant can Dior get?!

Over the weekend, John Galliano confidently put his best new works out on the Dior runway in Shanghai, China. I don't often save images from runway shows, but this one stood out for me. So much of fashion seems black and white to me, literally. Don't get me wrong, I love black and white in one's wardrobe. It occupies almost half my closet.

But I feel like there's a time and place for B&W, and summer means color. Don't be afraid of it, designers! Embrace it. It's memorable and fresh. You see it whimisically splashed throughout Dior's 2011 Cruise collection. It may be a bit Easter egg'y for some folks, but it reflects that vintage 1960s inspiration with new silhouettes and textures.

One of my favorite new high fashion models, Karlie Kloss.
She opened the show with this pink leather number.

A small orchestra accompanied Diana Ross' Love Child as models strolled down the runway. How perfect.

It is interesting to me, imagining this show taking place in China. Apparently the Chinese have become enamored with French fashion, more interested in couture and Western vintage. Galliano says that the Chinese market throws down - money isn't an object.

Want the coat.

Love this look!

Sans the headscarf, I want to wear this to an outdoor day wedding.

Everything is cinched at the waist. It's about time we accented our smallest feature again!

Backstage: the color story for the models' makeup. Pastels pastels pastels. Galliano really created that 60s vibe with the heavily lined cat eye and volumized bouffant hair.
To see more photos from the show in Shanghai, you can go to WWD.

On a different note...
Mazel tov and Congrats to Claire Serxner & Richard Walker this coming weekend on their wedding!


Artsy Fartsy Friday

Happy Friday, world. How better to start your weekend then with a little creative inspiration? A bit of candy for the eyes? Some works that caught my eye this week...

These fantastically whimsical little Crayola crayon sculptures were made by a Vietnamese artist named Diem Chau. Apparently she enjoys combining common media and common means to create delicate totems like these. They are so meticulously crafted.

These images were snapped by photographer Jill Greenberg, or as she is also known - the Manipulator. Her most recent series is an underwater monochromatic yet colorful synchronized swimming editorial. I love that she had the models wear pumps. And what a novel concept - modeling swimwear ...underwater!

To satisfy my lust for Wonderland, these last photos are just a snippet of a larger series by Elena Kalis. Underwater photography seems currently rather trendy, but it's obvious why! Alice Under Waterland:

Take the time to look at these amazing female artists' portfolios. Especially Elena's. They're just brilliant!


Pink Wigs and Tutus

I thought I'd share a few photos from our adventures this weekend. My company helped sponsor a local Straight Man Drag Show which benefitted an equal rights group. My coworker friends and I look for any excuse to dress up and act crazy...

... any excuse to wear a tutu, my favorite pink wig, and my lucky top hat.

The MC of the event dressed in geisha drag.

Big thanks to The Double Wide in Deep Ellum for the good times!


A Matter of Taste - Fulvio Bonavia

Just wanted to share a recent work from photographer Fulvio Bonavia. Trendland calls his newest book a tasty mixture of "gastronomy and haute couture" with his creations made of natural and edible elements. It would be a wonderful coffee table book, I'm sure.
Here are photos from A Matter of Taste:
Raspberry purse!
Necklace made of cheeses

Candy and apple headphones

Chocolate cufflinks. Adorable.

Eggplant shoes!

Broccoli bag

Melon helmet! Chic.

I think these are actually quite lovely. Plant platforms. Plantforms?

Sardine belt! This might actually be wearable if the sardines were molded silver.

And my favorite...

Octopus and sea creature egg rings!


New Stuff! Feathers and Leather

It's been a week since my last post. My bad. But I have some fun new purchases to show you!...

NEW SHOES! Remember when I returned those ill-advised floral wedges? These babies were the exchange. I think you'll agree, it was the right thing to do:

Leather platform sandals with zipper heel by N.Y.L.A. The platform and heel are stained wood, and the body is a beautiful caramel-colored distressed leather. I'm in love.

Also, NEW EARRINGS! You may know that my favorite place to buy jewelry is Etsy.com - the one-of-a-kind handmade stuff with a story... blah blah. Well this wonderfully talented jewelry designer named Rachel made these for me, and I couldn't be happier about them:

Rachel called them 'Goddess' earrings, made with guinnea feathers, pheasant feathers and some others. They conjure images of some sort of tribal queen or temple dancer. Every time I've worn them out (which is about 3 times since they were delivered), I've gotten mucho compliments. And I always get the 'OMG where did you get those?!' question... to which I answer Etsy and plug Rachel's craftsmanship. You're welcome, Rach.
I made an appearance at Kidd Kraddick in the Morning for work yesterday, and by the end of the show, I had every female at 106.1 ordering a pair. Again, Rachel - you're welcome.


Derby Wrap-Up : Photos!

As promised, pictures from the Kentucky Derby. With 4 cameras and 3 days of fun, it was tough to pick out only a few to show...

Friday, April 30th:

From our Grand Stand seats at Churchill Downs

Joni, Amy, myself and Holly chatting in the Paddocks. Check out our hats! The girls looked gorgeous. I wore my white linen dress (which would have used some tailoring) from J.Crew, white tie wedges from Nordstom, woven basket purse, and hat from Marshalls (additional flowers and birds from Michaels).

My first go at a Mint Julep.
Did my horse win?

And we have a winner! Don't spend all those 5's in one place...
Saturday, May 1st:
Sundresses and cowboy boots to combat the rain and mud. We met some jockeys! Derby goers in costume, but jockeys nonetheless.

'Infield Cowboy'. The best part is that we spotted this guy in the Paddocks where people actually wore nice clothes...
You ain't gonna rain on our parade! Rain or shine, we're having fun. Ponchos are so hot right now...
The post board from the Derby race. I bet on horses #2 and #11. Yep - the winning horse gets $9.58 million.

And now for the HAT PARADE!
My favorites:
Some ladies wore bright colors with elaborate bows and feathers.

Some ladies clearly spent a fortune making sure their hat was one-of-a-kind.
Some wore hats in jest. This lovely couple wore horse head hats.

Some more resembled planets than hats.

My fave - a wild nest of blue and black feathers with some pheasant and peacock thrown in there. Work it, lady!

Sunday, May 2nd:

Amy has a pond next to her apartment in Louisville. It was baby geese season. I threw bread at them while mommy looked on. So fuzzy!

1 cancelled flight and 2 airports later, Joni and I waiting on our flight to Dallas. Long day (clearly). Still rockin' the hats though.

Moral of the story: There's nothing that soothes the soul like a girls weekend. Don't be afraid to play in the rain. Horses + beer + girlfriends = good odds for a stellar time