Artsy Fartsy Friday

Happy Friday, world. How better to start your weekend then with a little creative inspiration? A bit of candy for the eyes? Some works that caught my eye this week...

These fantastically whimsical little Crayola crayon sculptures were made by a Vietnamese artist named Diem Chau. Apparently she enjoys combining common media and common means to create delicate totems like these. They are so meticulously crafted.

These images were snapped by photographer Jill Greenberg, or as she is also known - the Manipulator. Her most recent series is an underwater monochromatic yet colorful synchronized swimming editorial. I love that she had the models wear pumps. And what a novel concept - modeling swimwear ...underwater!

To satisfy my lust for Wonderland, these last photos are just a snippet of a larger series by Elena Kalis. Underwater photography seems currently rather trendy, but it's obvious why! Alice Under Waterland:

Take the time to look at these amazing female artists' portfolios. Especially Elena's. They're just brilliant!

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