Derby Wrap-Up : Photos!

As promised, pictures from the Kentucky Derby. With 4 cameras and 3 days of fun, it was tough to pick out only a few to show...

Friday, April 30th:

From our Grand Stand seats at Churchill Downs

Joni, Amy, myself and Holly chatting in the Paddocks. Check out our hats! The girls looked gorgeous. I wore my white linen dress (which would have used some tailoring) from J.Crew, white tie wedges from Nordstom, woven basket purse, and hat from Marshalls (additional flowers and birds from Michaels).

My first go at a Mint Julep.
Did my horse win?

And we have a winner! Don't spend all those 5's in one place...
Saturday, May 1st:
Sundresses and cowboy boots to combat the rain and mud. We met some jockeys! Derby goers in costume, but jockeys nonetheless.

'Infield Cowboy'. The best part is that we spotted this guy in the Paddocks where people actually wore nice clothes...
You ain't gonna rain on our parade! Rain or shine, we're having fun. Ponchos are so hot right now...
The post board from the Derby race. I bet on horses #2 and #11. Yep - the winning horse gets $9.58 million.

And now for the HAT PARADE!
My favorites:
Some ladies wore bright colors with elaborate bows and feathers.

Some ladies clearly spent a fortune making sure their hat was one-of-a-kind.
Some wore hats in jest. This lovely couple wore horse head hats.

Some more resembled planets than hats.

My fave - a wild nest of blue and black feathers with some pheasant and peacock thrown in there. Work it, lady!

Sunday, May 2nd:

Amy has a pond next to her apartment in Louisville. It was baby geese season. I threw bread at them while mommy looked on. So fuzzy!

1 cancelled flight and 2 airports later, Joni and I waiting on our flight to Dallas. Long day (clearly). Still rockin' the hats though.

Moral of the story: There's nothing that soothes the soul like a girls weekend. Don't be afraid to play in the rain. Horses + beer + girlfriends = good odds for a stellar time

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  1. Mama hill5/12/2010

    The picture with script "Did my horse win?" Want it!!!!! The pic with money and a Bud Light? Casey's dream girl!!!


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