Gaga Dollars

If you enjoy the many looks of Lady Gaga (Lord knows I do) and dollar bills (?), then you'll love Greg Gleason's Gaga Dollars. It sounds like the currency given at some psychadellic pop-opera theme park. But they are actually artworks created by Gleason. He sees a resemblance between George Washington and Lady Gaga. Perhaps it's the wigs? The nose?

He works directly on dollar bills, hand-painting Gaga's crazy wigs, sunglasses and masks over Washington's face. I think it may be a crime of some degree to deface US currency, but whatever. I'm sure Gaga appreciates it.

You've seen all those outfits on Gaga before, right? Right?
You can watch a YouTube video of Gleason painting one of the dollars if you click here. Apparently he sells the Gaga Dollars for around $15... a steal.

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