A Matter of Taste - Fulvio Bonavia

Just wanted to share a recent work from photographer Fulvio Bonavia. Trendland calls his newest book a tasty mixture of "gastronomy and haute couture" with his creations made of natural and edible elements. It would be a wonderful coffee table book, I'm sure.
Here are photos from A Matter of Taste:
Raspberry purse!
Necklace made of cheeses

Candy and apple headphones

Chocolate cufflinks. Adorable.

Eggplant shoes!

Broccoli bag

Melon helmet! Chic.

I think these are actually quite lovely. Plant platforms. Plantforms?

Sardine belt! This might actually be wearable if the sardines were molded silver.

And my favorite...

Octopus and sea creature egg rings!

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