Minimalism, Meet Pop Culture

These are pretty clever! I love when artists or designers have a 'thing' like this. The graphic designer/art director's name is Pedro Vidotto and he creates and reappropriates film posters in a minimalist fashion.

Check them out:

(Ha - I like the tagline on this one)

CLICK HERE to see more of his popular movies posters.

And if you like those, you may also like Exergian's minimalist TV show posters:

(this one took me a second to get... think Central Perk)

CLICK HERE to see more of his popular TV show posters.

World Cup & The Oceanaire

And America sighs... had a shot at victory but gave it to Ghana.

We roused the troops early on Saturday to watch the US vs. Ghana World Cup game at one of our favorite weekend day-drinkin' spots called Capitol Pub. Apparently we were not the only folks with that idea, because the place was packed:

Everyone cheering at the TV.

People were doubled up in chairs, sitting on the floor, and everyone with their metaphorical Team Amurica hats on. We brought our vintage American flag (duh...) and used it both as a tablecloth and sometimes a cape:

That night out, whilst drowing our sorrows from the loss, we walked past what looked like a designer's shop. I saw this wedding dress made of newspaper and snapped a photo through the window:

In other news, today is my significant other's birthday. (Happy Birthday Case!) So I treated him to an amazing dinner at our favorite seafood bistro here in Dallas - The Oceanaire. We first discovered and fell in love with The Oceanaire in Seattle. So now we eat at there for anniversaries and birthdays. The vintage theme, amazing service, and reh-tardedly fresh seafood is TO DIE... Oceanaire, we hold you in our hearts, in part because you print special menus. I'm a sucker for a personalized menu:

And here we see Casey Tobasco'ing his chowder. It may not look like much, but I'll punch you square in the schnoz if you tell me you've had better chowder than this:

I gave in and had lobster. I cannot resist. That glowing candle warming the butter... the citrus garnish... I demolished that little guy. He never stood a chance:

And Oceanaire always does a Baked Alaskan dessert - flaming glory included:

I always shriek a little bit when they light it. Yummmmm!


The Apple Didn't Fall Far

We had dinner with friends last night at The Porch restaurant here in Dallas. Now I've had brunch and dinner there, and I can say with confidence... Well done, sirs. I used all of my tastebuds last night with your retardedly good homemade macaroni and cheese skillet. Exhibit A:

Yep, it's got ham in it. And aged cheddar. And that on the right would be my second glass of wine. Needless to say, I was giggly.

I also thought I'd share some photos from my Dad's surprise 50th birthday party. YES he was uber-surprised to see 18 people at his favorite restaurant instead of 2. I think I did a pretty good job on the decor. Casey and I made placecards for all the guests, assembled two big tropical flower vases for the table, and got 2 dozen black and silver balloons. (Just to twist the knife, I wrote '50' real big on the balloon bunch at Dad's end of the table).

Family portrait, minus Casey and my Mom.
I'm wearing my new colorful silk dress from Pitaya. Teresa, Dad, sister Victoria (she's 13), sister Alexandra (almost done with college!) and little brother James (he's 10). Doesn't my bra look weird? Victoria said I look like a New Jersey housewife. Funny 'cuz that's what I was going for...

Casey and little bro who looks like a cartoon character here.

Per the norm, I had a fun photoshoot after dinner with my siblings.


Movies I Love Almost Solely for the Wardrobe

We each have those 'desert island' movies that we can watch over and over again. We have the comedies we love to quote. There are the movies that men love because they're "badass" (cough cough Die Hard). There are the tear-jerkers that women love because of that emotion we crave (damn you, Notebook. You get me every time.). There are also those classic movies that, just because someone called them 'classic', we feel we have to like them (i.e. Citizen Cane).

And then there are the movies I love. The movies I watch almost solely for the wardrobe. Regardless of their story line, their 'quoteability', their staying power in the film world... I think some movies were made just for me.   (I also have a category for French films and old black&white movies I enjoy, but we'll save those for another time).

And the Lizz-approved movies are...

#1  Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

In my mind, there's nothing you can't love about this movie. Great music, gorgeous colors, the mise-en-scene is fantastic, and of course the fabulous kimonos. The film takes you to another place and time that is so beautiful, it seems it never really existed. I think the Japanese got it right with kimonos though - it doesn't matter what size or shape you are, just wrap a piece of fabric around your body! It's Geisha-Glam.

#2  The Party (1968)

I'm guessing that most people have never even heard of this movie. But what fantastic 1960s fashion! The movie is set completely around 1 evening at a Hollywood director's luxury 60s home. It's so wonderfully dry, there's slapstick comedy, and the music is groovy, baby.  Just watch it - it'll make you want to go to a fancy dinner party that turns into a giant group bubble bath.

#3  Marie Antoinette  (2006)

Holy cow, I could dedicate an entire post to this film. Well played, Sofia Coppola. (T'was also influential on my art around the time it came out.) It's a bit drawn out - sure. It's strange that Kirsten Dunst doesn't have an accent in the movie while everyone else does, but I think that's meant to alienate her. Everyone looks like they're wearing colorful cotton candy clothes. There are feathers, fans, ruffles, corsettes and wonderful wigs. Plus the scenery and soundtrack are tres magnifique.

#4 Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I've never met a girl who didn't like this movie/book. You have to be inspired by Elizabeth's quick wit and you-cant-push-me-down-just-because-I'm-a-woman attitude. The fashion is more muted than the ladies of Versailles, but I'd love to trade places with a Bennett girl for a day and wear those empire waisted dresses and bonnets. And the men wore knickers, ascots and high-collared jackets everywhere. Hot. 
#5 The Bird Cage (1996)

(haha! Straight Looking)

If you've never seen this movie, you need to run to a Blockbuster video or put it in your Netflix queue immediately. It's based on the 70s French comedy La Cage Aux Folles and has 3 hilarious comedians in it - Nathan Lane, Hank Azaria and Robin Williams. Calista Flockhart is a little annoying in it, as is whomever the actor is who plays the son. But Gene Hackman dresses in drag, Nathan Lane is rediculously flamboyant and shrieks a lot, Robin Williams plays a pretty convincing gay guy, and this is my favorite role of Hank Azaria's ever. Why? He dances around girlishly to G.Estefan's Conga in a wig and cropped top, he cleans the pool in a banana hammock, and he's so effeminite that he can't walk in men's shoes.  
Just watch this scene I like to call I pierced the toast! - click here.   

So those are my top 5 faves. More to come later, perhaps.
Now I have to get back to work people, c'mon!...


Remember Dior Spring 2K8 ?!

Does anyone remember Christian Dior's 2008 Spring Couture Collection? No? Neither did I.
 I was busy graduating from college, among other things, so I had not taken the time to really look at the line. But today I was going through past collections, and I re-discovered Dior's 2008...

AMAZING! Eccentric. Sculptural. Vivid. Wild. I'll let you come up with your own adjectives:

We'll start with my favorite. This dress must be so heavy with all the embellishments hanging off.

Aren't they just the cat's pajamas? (or perhaps Lady Gaga's pajamas) The footwear is still very much in style. There are dozens more pieces, so CLICK HERE to see the whole 2008 Collection. I'm so glad I revisted this. Thanks for the pick-me-up today, D-dawg.

Who is ready for the weekend? THIS girl! Casey and I are headed home to Austin for my Dad's birthday. He's turning the big 50 so we've planned a surprise party. He actually thinks I'm in a wedding this weekend - which would not be a far-fetched activity for us lately. But Dad will be extremely surprised when he walks into dinner (which he thinks will just be he and my stepmother). Then SURPRISE!... My whole family, his mom and sister, his neighbors, and his favorite co-workers are there waiting for him at the restaurant.

I was in charge of decorations for the private room. Welp, 'Over the Hill' black balloons it is!

Jean Shin Installations

Found a really talented artist who creates the most unique sculptures from found and collected ordinary objects. Her name is Jean Shin and here is some of her work:

 2005 | Glasscape
It's made of hundreds of wine bottles and silicone (adhesive?). Jean was inspired by how integral wine was to French culture, and collected these bottles from bistros and restaurants in Paris. Jean said that, in France, this exhibit had viewers reading the bottles and commenting on the wine labels and years. But in America, viewers were much more interested in the piece as a whole and the mosaic created. 

Made with found discarded umbrellas - fabric was sewn together with thread.
2001 - 2004 | Chance City
Jean stacked thousands of discarded lottery tickets like houses of cards... without adhesive! Can you imagine creating this? Apparently it's $21,496 worth of tickets. Jean said she didn't use adhesive because she wanted the card towers to have the same kind of risk and chance as purchasing a lottery ticket does. Like the fantasy of winning millions in the lottery is similar to the fantasy of the towers never falling.

2005 | Chemical BalanceMade with discarded prescription bottles, mirror and epoxy
Jean said she collected the bottles from individual's medicine cabinets, local pharmacies and nursing homes. She said it was most interesting have the conversations with bottle donors about "their health and their dependency, temporary or long term, on prescription drugs". The piece is about our society's dependency on prescription drugs and how copious they are - it's like a group portrait, mapping our intake of medications. The stalagmites and stalactites of pill bottles become a sort of twisted chandalier. Jean even included internal lights so they glow bright orange.

And finally, my favorite:
2007 | Sound Wave
Made by melting and sculpting records into a literal 'wave'. The resulting structure "speaks to the inevitable waves of technology that render each successive generation of recordable media obsolete".
I also think it would be fun to melt records and stick them together.

If you want to read a Hey Ok Magazine interview with Jean Shin, click here.