Bacchus Paintings

The Bacchus Celebration charity event was so much fun. Casey, Taylor, Mike and my boss Duane attended with me. It felt good to be part of such a generous organization for the second year in a row. Last year I donated a few art pieces that I had already made (mostly Intaglio copper plate prints), but this year I decided to paint a few pieces specifically for the event, as you know.

At the benefit, there was great food, plenty of drinks, and a live band. It was held at the Design Within Reach studio space here in Uptown Dallas. There was also a silent auction where local retailers and vendors, artisans, artists, and whomever could donate items or gift packages to the charity. There was also autographed sports paraphernalia on the tables. My company donated a few items, and I personally donated 4 paintings.

So here are some photos from the event!

With one of my pieces from 2007 called "Our Venus". I did this one back in school. The event coordinator ended up purchasing this one. It was hard to let her go, but she's in a better place now...
Wearing: a Milly blue and white linen dress (borrowed from a friend), Steve Madden magenta stilettos, Italian leather clutch purse, silver jewelry (mostly gifts).

He looked so handsome.

Taylor and I with 2 of the lovely women on the Bacchus committee.

Bald is beautiful! The venue was too with modern furniture, art, light fixtures, and the most unique and interesting interior design elements. There was even a way-oversized floor lamp inspired by those red office desk lamps.

My boss bought 2 of my jellies!

Sadly, it has become somewhat of a chore to make myself paint lately. Currently I have 2 unfinished painting projects and 2 commissions to start on. I think my problem is that I don't like having to set up and break down my little makeshift studio every time I want to do some work.
Wanna see what my 'studio' looks like? It's pretty fancy...

The balcony of our apartment, overlooking a courtyard. I prefer natural light for painting.
(I'm not using an easel for this project because of the water and paint dripping technique I used - very messy!)

This cat from an above balcony watches me paint.
He reminds me of the orange one from Men in Black.

Also, this Mama bird set up shop in the tree near the balcony. She always keeps one eye on me out there...

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