Blondeness, Jellies & Zena

So Phase 3 of blonde-ing me up is complete. I know I didn't clue you in on Phase 2, but it looked eerily similar to Phase 1 so I didn't think it was worth the post. I'm officially a blonde, for realz though. It's scary to me, really. But who is now cosmetically ready for summer? THIS girl...

Foils are sexy.

As promised, here are a few BBerry photos of the paintings I finished last weekend. These paintings will be auctioned at the Bacchus Celebration charity benefit I am attending on June 12th. Excited to see how much they go for.

Diptych, acrylic paint. I have not named this guy yet.

A detail of the right half of the painting above. You can see the dripping method I use for the backpainting.

Small jellies (about 8.5 by 11)
I named this guy "Hey Bob, Hey Phil"

Another small painting (about 8.5 by 11)
I titled this one "Pardon Me"
This one almost looks like watercolor instead of acrylic.

To further along the 'I love underwater photography' path, a coworker introduced me to a highly talented and visionary photographer named Zena Holloway. She. Is. Amazing.
She was born in Bahrain and now lives in London. Her underwater photo images are dream-like and surreal... it's no wonder she's sought-after in the advertising world now.

VISIT HER WEBSITE! This is not a drill...
Zena has a huge portion of her portfolio online. You won't be able to tear your eyes away from her photos. She does beautiful things manipulating clothing and hair underwater. Not only does she do underwater work with adult models, she has also worked with kids, babies, and even animals. That ain't no easy task! I have a hard enough time playing 'underwater tea party' with friends at the pool...

Here is a little taste of her work:

You want to see more now, don't you?! Thanks for the great tip, Christian!

CONGRATS to my friends on their weddings this weekend here in Dallas:
Barrett Koch & Natalie Koeijmans
Peter Murray & Breanna Hopkins

May you share many adventures and live long and happy in love.

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  1. love the blonde. love the art. love the blogger


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