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My Trendland newsletter helped introduce me to these whimsical little pieces of artistic home decor. More sculpture than decor, rather. It's Wonderlamp! An amalgamation of signature creations by two companies: Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans. Trendland says that Studio Job is known for enlarging everyday objects (sounds similar to the work of one of my favorite sculptors Claes Oldenburg) and casting them in bronze. Pieke Bergmans creates mouth-blown crystals that coagulate into fluid forms. Sounds sticky...

But from these two specialties was born the Wonderlamp. They're pretty neat:

I think the teapot is pretty cute. Where would someone put one of these in their home? Wherever - it's Wonderlamp!

The long Memorial Day weekend left me some free time to paint. Finally! Pictures to come. I bet you can guess what the subjects of my paintings are... it rhymes with 'schmellyfish' ...

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  1. mama Hill6/03/2010

    You NEVER NEVER NEVER say the following when referring to accessories of any kind: I like it, but......WHERE will I put it/WHAT will I wear with it/WHEN will I use it/WHO will believe I need this????????? NEVER....repeat and go buy some shoes


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