Jean Shin Installations

Found a really talented artist who creates the most unique sculptures from found and collected ordinary objects. Her name is Jean Shin and here is some of her work:

 2005 | Glasscape
It's made of hundreds of wine bottles and silicone (adhesive?). Jean was inspired by how integral wine was to French culture, and collected these bottles from bistros and restaurants in Paris. Jean said that, in France, this exhibit had viewers reading the bottles and commenting on the wine labels and years. But in America, viewers were much more interested in the piece as a whole and the mosaic created. 

Made with found discarded umbrellas - fabric was sewn together with thread.
2001 - 2004 | Chance City
Jean stacked thousands of discarded lottery tickets like houses of cards... without adhesive! Can you imagine creating this? Apparently it's $21,496 worth of tickets. Jean said she didn't use adhesive because she wanted the card towers to have the same kind of risk and chance as purchasing a lottery ticket does. Like the fantasy of winning millions in the lottery is similar to the fantasy of the towers never falling.

2005 | Chemical BalanceMade with discarded prescription bottles, mirror and epoxy
Jean said she collected the bottles from individual's medicine cabinets, local pharmacies and nursing homes. She said it was most interesting have the conversations with bottle donors about "their health and their dependency, temporary or long term, on prescription drugs". The piece is about our society's dependency on prescription drugs and how copious they are - it's like a group portrait, mapping our intake of medications. The stalagmites and stalactites of pill bottles become a sort of twisted chandalier. Jean even included internal lights so they glow bright orange.

And finally, my favorite:
2007 | Sound Wave
Made by melting and sculpting records into a literal 'wave'. The resulting structure "speaks to the inevitable waves of technology that render each successive generation of recordable media obsolete".
I also think it would be fun to melt records and stick them together.

If you want to read a Hey Ok Magazine interview with Jean Shin, click here.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2013

    i love this chick <3

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