Remember Dior Spring 2K8 ?!

Does anyone remember Christian Dior's 2008 Spring Couture Collection? No? Neither did I.
 I was busy graduating from college, among other things, so I had not taken the time to really look at the line. But today I was going through past collections, and I re-discovered Dior's 2008...

AMAZING! Eccentric. Sculptural. Vivid. Wild. I'll let you come up with your own adjectives:

We'll start with my favorite. This dress must be so heavy with all the embellishments hanging off.

Aren't they just the cat's pajamas? (or perhaps Lady Gaga's pajamas) The footwear is still very much in style. There are dozens more pieces, so CLICK HERE to see the whole 2008 Collection. I'm so glad I revisted this. Thanks for the pick-me-up today, D-dawg.

Who is ready for the weekend? THIS girl! Casey and I are headed home to Austin for my Dad's birthday. He's turning the big 50 so we've planned a surprise party. He actually thinks I'm in a wedding this weekend - which would not be a far-fetched activity for us lately. But Dad will be extremely surprised when he walks into dinner (which he thinks will just be he and my stepmother). Then SURPRISE!... My whole family, his mom and sister, his neighbors, and his favorite co-workers are there waiting for him at the restaurant.

I was in charge of decorations for the private room. Welp, 'Over the Hill' black balloons it is!

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