Review | Sex & the City 2

No, I didn't see it on opening weekend. I finally saw Sex & the City 2 last night. I knew I wasn't in for amazing plot line or cinematography- that's not really what the SATC movies are about. I was lead to believe that SATC movies were complete wish-fulfillment, the next chapters in Carrie and Big's life together - with a dash of the life progressions of her gal pals.

SATC 2 was also a little fantasy for us fashionistas. Do I wish I could stomp around in countless pairs of Christian Louboutins, wear amazing garments, write occasional features for Vogue, and be a professional lunch-goer with my girls? Mother, may I! And the 4 of them take an all-expenses-paid luxury trip to Abu Dhabi. Died...gone to heaven. As we were leaving the theater, Casey* said, "Do you think women really do that?" (He meant the lavish vacations) I said, "Hell no. That's why they make movies about it."

*Let the records show that I did, in no way, force my significant other to see this chick flick. He volunteered to take me.

That said, if nothing else, SATC 2 was a private extended fashion show. Honestly? I saw the movie for the wardrobe. And that topic is precisely the reason for this blog post today. Photo time!....

I think Samantha's harem pants are Ralph Lauren. Prada turban for Carrie?

Bonding in the desert. Love all the flowy garments

This was actually one of my fave Carrie outfits. She wore it to the pool - a jumper with harem pants and gorgeous vest. You know, like Aladdin...

I like when Charlotte sexes it up a little. Carrie has some sort of overly embellished jeans with skirt, and Samantha had Gaga shoulders.

I loved the brief trip back to the 80s. Haha - Miranda's hair...

The movie brought back an old favorite - the Dior newspaper dress!

I thought this was the best Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) has ever looked. I even really liked her character. Samantha makes me cringe every time she hits on guys because it's always so cheesy and over-acted. But she did have a couple really funny parts. Charlotte annoyed me because she was whiney the whole time. But Carrie did exactly what I needed her to do - wore great clothes.

The weird thing about the movie - no talk of Cosmos or Manolos, and most of it took place outside 'the city'. It was all champagne, Louboutins, and desert dunes. There were also a few interesting cameos - comedian Ron White (wtf?), the sexy Smith Jarrod, and Liza Minnelli (who now looks like her own wax statue at Madame Tussauds). Bonus points: even with all the flowy garments and harem pants, we were not made to forget the white magnolia dress or the Vivienne Westwood wedding gown from the first movie.

But this was a more grown-up SATC. It was the red plastic-like cherry on top of an already yummy ice cream sundae: not completely necessary, but fun nonetheless. It seems like much of retail marketing as of late has been dedicated to the "Which Sex & the City character are you?" theme. I'll confidently answer that with... "I'm a little bit of all of them." Oh, you are too?

3 Stars for Michael Patrick King


  1. mama hill6/10/2010

    Saw it...loved it....loved the new very very very HOT man that Samantha get to...get. My big question is where or where do they go from here in the threequal?


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