World Cup & The Oceanaire

And America sighs... had a shot at victory but gave it to Ghana.

We roused the troops early on Saturday to watch the US vs. Ghana World Cup game at one of our favorite weekend day-drinkin' spots called Capitol Pub. Apparently we were not the only folks with that idea, because the place was packed:

Everyone cheering at the TV.

People were doubled up in chairs, sitting on the floor, and everyone with their metaphorical Team Amurica hats on. We brought our vintage American flag (duh...) and used it both as a tablecloth and sometimes a cape:

That night out, whilst drowing our sorrows from the loss, we walked past what looked like a designer's shop. I saw this wedding dress made of newspaper and snapped a photo through the window:

In other news, today is my significant other's birthday. (Happy Birthday Case!) So I treated him to an amazing dinner at our favorite seafood bistro here in Dallas - The Oceanaire. We first discovered and fell in love with The Oceanaire in Seattle. So now we eat at there for anniversaries and birthdays. The vintage theme, amazing service, and reh-tardedly fresh seafood is TO DIE... Oceanaire, we hold you in our hearts, in part because you print special menus. I'm a sucker for a personalized menu:

And here we see Casey Tobasco'ing his chowder. It may not look like much, but I'll punch you square in the schnoz if you tell me you've had better chowder than this:

I gave in and had lobster. I cannot resist. That glowing candle warming the butter... the citrus garnish... I demolished that little guy. He never stood a chance:

And Oceanaire always does a Baked Alaskan dessert - flaming glory included:

I always shriek a little bit when they light it. Yummmmm!

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  1. mama hill6/30/2010

    I loved this one. I am jonesing for some chowder now and I want a wall of those posters...


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