Destination: Tokyo, Japan

So we're moving to Tokyo.

That's a sentence I never thought I'd say. Allow me to explain. When I say we, I really mean my fiance Casey is moving there for an amazing opportunity and coaching job for 9 months. I will come along, just not for all 9 months. (Somebody's gotta be here to plan the wedding...) My bosses and I are currently working out the length of my sabatical, but most likely I will live in Tokyo for 2 to 3, maybe 4 months.

After over a month of letting this thought soak into my brain, I realized one thing:  IM PSYCHED!

How many people can say they have even traveled to Tokyo, much less lived there?! I fully understand and appreciate the magnitude of this blessing. This opportunity. This adventure. How are my bosses willing to let me take this sabatical? That is one of the greatest blessings of this whole situation, and I'm not going to question it any further. I'll just let it happen, as if it's normal in America to just take months off work.

What I'm excited about: the fashion and shopping (duh), traveling throughout Japan, experiencing basketball in a foreign country, experiencing everything with Casey, visiting Buddhist temples, sushi and international cuisine, seeing how much of the Japanese language I can learn, a new apartment (if only in brevity), Mount Fuji, Harajuku girls and geishas and samurai warriors (yup, just like in the movies), watching my future father-in-law and future husband coach together, not tipping at restaurants and cabs (it's actually frowned upon in Japan), new friends, learning a new city, standing out in a crowd, and oodles of things I don't even know I'm excited about yet...

What I'm nervous about:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Tokyo subway system. And I guarantee you I'm going to get lost in it.
Also, I'm afraid of offending people with my American ways. I have no doubt that I'll offend someone within my first week there.

So when does our Tokyo adventure begin? Casey goes over there in early September. I will have to wait until perhaps December or January, and stay accordingly.

Won't you join me as I say  WOO HOOOOOOOO!!
Considering Rosetta Stone...

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  1. Mama Hill7/27/2010

    I know at least one additional person who is THRILLED you will be in Tokyo!!!!!!!!


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