Holy crap. I repeat... HOLY CRAP. I never knew when I'd be announcing this, but as of 10:00pm on Sunday July 18th, Casey and I are engaged to be married. Since my freshman year in college, Case and I have been dating - that's 5 years and about 8 months. On July 18th, we began a new journey.

Here is the story I emailed to family and friends:

Casey knew that if he planned anything big and out of the ordinary, I would probably be suspicious. So he kept it simple and impulsive. The whole moving-to-Tokyo thing popped up [editor's note: I will post on Tokyo soon], and we haven't had a normal relaxing day just the 2 of us in weeks. Yesterday, we finally had almost the entire day to ourselves to hang out. Big doggie Kaiser is staying with us this week in Dallas; we took him to dinner with us on a patio, went to a great movie, and came home to take Kaiser on the last walk of the night...

As we're strolling, Casey asked me, "So what kind of things can we do together while I'm in Japan?" Because talking on the phone is expensive from there, we discussed using Skype, writing letters, emailing a lot, and perhaps he would keep a journal blog just for me to read. We walked back into our apartment, and he says "I know what we can do while I'm in Tokyo..." I had just sat down on the couch. Casey suddenly got down on one knee. He was shaking, a little pale, and sweaty. For a moment, I thought he was having a heart attack. Then I saw him pull something out of his pocket. It still hadn't registered that it might be a ring. It was a green velvet box - the most wonderful sight ever.

"...we can be engaged." he said. Casey said the look on my face was priceless. I started giggling uncontrollably. I didn't even cry. I just treefrog hugged him. Even Kaiser knew what was happening because he started leaping around and licking our faces. After our long hug, I realized Casey hadn't asked 'the question'. I said, "Well... ask me!" Then came the "Will you marry me?" and he jammed the ring on my finger (yeah, I have large knuckles). It's a beautiful piece of jewelry - simple and elegant. He apparently chose everything himself - the stone, the cut, and the setting. I think he did a fantastic job. He asked for my parents' blessing months ago, and they just kept it quiet... jerks.

After that, we made dozens of phonecalls to family and friends. We toasted with champagne, courtesy of Mike Gilb, at our favorite bar to celebrate. I had the best sleep I have had in months, and I woke up with a smile on my face.

Casey made the perfect ring for me. I couldn't have hand-picked a better ring. Simple yet unique.

So I guess I'll be planning a wedding in the near future. How long can I bask in the betrothal bliss before I have to start doing something? Casey says I'm bad at making decisions. Maybe, but when he asked "Will you marry me?"... I had not a single iota of hesitation. YES! A thousand times YES.

I can honestly say that my heart is completely full and I have never felt love from so many people like I did upon announcing our engagement (indirectly) via Facebook. Among our college friends, word travels fast. Calls, emails, texts and FB messages have been flooding in. It's the best feeling in the world. Thank you - thank you - thank you to our family and many friends for their unconditional support and love.


  1. The ring is BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats :)

  2. Mama Hill7/22/2010

    If you think you are happy you should feel the joy of your future in-laws at scoring such an amazing daughter in law

  3. Congrats Lizz!!! So excited for y'all!


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