Fashion Show Fashion Show!

The garments were hung on the models with care
in the hopes that Paris Fall Fashion Week soon would be there... 

The fashionistas were snuggled all warm in their beds
As visions of Couture danced in their heads...

See that? See what I did there? I took a children's Christmas poem and made it more awesome. But to many in the fashion world, Fashion Week is truly like Christmas. Looking at photos from the coming season's runways, I always suddenly yearn for that season. Like right now - a sauna of a summer here in Texas. But seeing pics of models in fall and winter wear... I cannot wait for autumn foliage and crisp air. I wish we had those seasons in TX. It just suddenly goes from hot summer to cold winter one week. BAM! Winter.

But I digress... So I took a cue from Vogue and did some Fashion Week snooping. (All pictures courtesey of Vogue). Why wasn't I on the front lines of the runway shows, in the seats, taking pictures? I don't know - Anna Wintour hasn't phoned in a while. And she didn't save me a seat.

Here are some of the featured designers whose pieces stood out to me:

Dries Van Noten - great skirt

Alexander McQueen - amazing patterns and fabrics in his finale collection

Givenchy - love the coat

Louis Vuitton - collection is all about emphasizing bust and waist

Stella McCartney - simple and classy, gotta love her

Karlie Kloss (one of my fave models) behind the scenes are Hermés show.
Though I didn't really like the polished leather skins of the collection, I can't resist a good top hat.

The Hermés runway

And these from the Couture 2010 shows:

Givenchy - Gaga's wedding dress? It certainly stands out, pehaps not in a good way though... but couture is couture - I'm sure it took months and months to create. It's very skeletal. 

Jean Paul Gaultier - reminds me of Gloria Swanson's look in Sunset Boulevard
I'm ready for my close-up...

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