If Piňatas Were Wearable...

As if the fashion gods were smiling down on me today, I came across these photos from a runway show. The setting: Guadalajara, Mexico. The show: Intermoda 2010. The designer: Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. Don't let the 'Prada' part of her name fool you...  The line is like the Powerpuff Girls on schrooms during a Mexican fiesta where only 8 year olds are invited. I can't even handle it. Let me show you why:

Mushroom dress.

Maybe I'd wear the coat. Maybe.

Better that the two-tone tights and the dress be worn separately I think.

Yes, this is Agatha. Wearing creations of her own, no doubt. She seems like she'd be the crazy whimsical aunt who you see too often but she always brings you giant lollipops.

The only thing I can focus on is the lining of orange traffic cones around the runway. She may be implying that the garments are still 'under construction'...

Weird champagne flute headpiece. And I think I had those puffy shapes tacked to my bedroom wall as an infant.

What other inspiration could she have had for this piece than a piňata?

Trashbag Gaga.

So many hearts...

Business in the front and party in the back... or rather on the side.

Now it's just getting rediculous. This looks like a Kindergarten art project.

But who am I to judge what fashion is? It's like the age-old 'What is Art?' question. Agatha, honey... I'm sorry but I will not be standing in line to purchase your piňatas line of clothing.

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