Masterful Masciave

When it comes to fashion photography and runway, there's no doubt - hair is as much an accessory to the wardrobe as jewelry or a belt or shoes. The work of one particular hairstylist (or artist, I think they prefer to be called) stood out to me recently. He is French-born Robert Masciave. He apparently owns an award-winning salon/studio in London now, I believe it's called Metropolis Hairdressing Ltd.

Here are photos of some of his work:

Gotta love the 'ethereal equestrian' look

I think I know what he used to achieve these looks - the product is called White Sands. It's a sculptural hairspray or liquid texture gel. Ma'velous!

Mother Earth and Candy girls.

You can visit Masciave's website and view his portfolio HERE, but I hesitate to suggest it because the site seems rather dated. The photos and pages load SL...OW....LY....

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