Mom, My Sweater Is Itchy

Gosh I have SOOOO many things I have to catch up the blog on!
Holiday weekends always throw me off-schedule. We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend in the rolling hills of Boerne, Texas... visiting the future in-laws and having a blasty-blast as usual. Pictures from our adventures to come. Oh, and I also went SHOPPING!! Hallelujah praise Je-sus in Hey-a-ven! I was in a retail-related drought. You know that feeling you get when you have brand new tags-still-on pieces in your closet? That shopping afterglow? Ma'velous, isn't it?!

For now, let's do a 180 and talk about clothing I would never buy but is nevertheless interesting to look at. Are they sweaters? Are they produce-inspired costumes? We don't know. But I do know that Phuong Thuy Nguyen put a lot of time and effort into these 'garments', so I appreciate them for their sculptural quality. I believe the pieces are part of a collection called Unconventional Body Objects...

Perhaps jellyfish-inspired? wink!

There's Phuong with her cableknit, just weaving away.

Random thought: I imagine that Björk probably owns a few of these pieces. And furthermore, does anyone else feel that (personal style-wise) Björk was Lady Gaga, just too soon?

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