My man Kaiser is staying with us this week. Who is Kaiser? Just the coolest creature you'll ever meet. He's like a dragon, but furry. He's like a horse, but he likes to lay on the couch. He's like a dinosaur, but he knows the commands 'sit' and 'shake a paw'. He's our family dog, and he's an enormous Great Dane.

He lives with my family in Austin, but every now and then, Kaiser likes to go on an adventure and stay with Casey and I in Dallas.  If I don't blog much this week, it's because I'm playing with Kaiser. When people meet him, they immediately fall in love. Perhaps it's his big sad eyes, floppy ears, and rediculous mass. He's 175 pounds - one of the biggest Great Danes I'll guarantee you'll ever see.

I chose him from his litter when he was only a couple weeks old, already the biggest among his brothers and sisters. Why did I pick him? He was the most plump pup in the group, and he had a distinct black spot on his upper lip that looked like a moustache. We named him Kaiser because he's 'the king'... Duh. He does this pretty much all day:

Yes, those are sheets draped over our couch because Kaiser drools like nobody's business.

 2 years later, Kaiser is the best dog ever. Not the brightest crayon in the box, but sincerely sweet and loving and easygoing. I'm a short human and he's a oversized dog - we look like a carnival act walking down the street. When I walk him, passers-by always throw out the "Is that a horse?" comment, "How much does he weigh?", or my favorite - "Can you saddle him up and ride him home?"

UPDATE:  I have big news to divulge tomorrow...

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