Pictionary Ads

What a clever ad campaign. Pictionary (yes, the game) and their recent print ads showcase the reality of the game:

(this is actually how I draw bears)

Emmys Dresses = Perfection

I love the Emmys because it seems so much more laid-back than the Oscars. You rarely see a WTF? dress on the Emmys red carpet. Actors just don't freak out and choose a wild dress for the Emmys - they seem to go with the dress that feels right and suits their style. (As much as I love to spot the WTF? dresses, I like when celebs get it right).

Here are my 3 favorite Emmy dresses from last night...

Anna Paquin wearing Alexander McQueen

Because I'm such a huge proponent of the black & gold combo, Anna's dress stood out to me the most. Then when I heard her say it was McQueen, I realized why.

Here's a detail of the top. Very 'warrior woman'. Why so intense, Anna?

Heidi Klum wearing Marchesa

I loved Heidi's whole look - dress, jewelry, heels, hair... all workin' for her.

 Detail of the dress.

Heidi's spikey-sparkly pumps! Judging by the color of the heel, they're Louboutins.

Claire Danes wearing Armani Privé

Details of the dress. I think she looked stunning.

3 Cheers for gorgeous dresses!


New Shoes!

I've had my eye on these babies for a while... when I found them on sale yesterday, I knew it was meant to be. They're actually Steve Madden Luxe collection. Beaded and sparkly sandals. LOVE em!Like my toenail polish?  It's a newer OPI color called My Private Jet.


Pretty Bird

A photographer named Andrew Zuckerman took these fantastic photos of different species of birds. The pics are real! Zuckerman captured them in mid-flight (and at their best angles) using some sort of HD camera. Brilliant. Such vibrant colors...

I want to print one on a throw pillow, or blow up one of the parrot photos big and frame it in our living room. Mother Nature loves to play with costuming when designing her creatures.

Check out Zuckerman's website to see his other subjects. He's got a great vision.

These Are a Few of My Favorite... High Fashion Models

I got sicky sick at work yesterday. Not the 'oh my gosh, get me to a bathroom' sick. But the kind of sick that creeps up on you, and then all of a sudden you realize that everything aches, your head is pounding, and it hurts to swallow. It's a bit like tequila...   Also, 3 very important people in my life were at the doctor or the hospital yesterday (including my bigdoggie Kaiser). Luckily, everyone is okay now and I don't feel like I got hit with a sack of bricks anymore; but, I definitely could use a pick-me-up. That pick-me-up is blogging about my favorite things. Today's topic: high fashion models.

I look at fashion magazine upon fashion magazine every month. It's part of my job, but I also just really enjoy magazines. Whoever said 'print will soon be obsolete' is dead wrong. In my opinion, there is unmatched excitement in getting your hands on a brand new, crisp September issue of Vogue. I need to physically flip through pages, smell the fragrance samples, and dog-ear my favorite ads. I can't do that online. But I seriously digress...

What Tyra has taught me (just kidding) is that the person wearing the garment is just as important as the garment itself. You wouldn't put Kathy Griffin in a Christian Dior gown, would you? No. Here are the Top 5 High Fashion models I deem worthy of the kickass model award:


She's magnetic, she's a chameleon, and she could model in a trashbag if she had to. I love the poses she comes up with, and I've never come across a photo of her that didn't suck me in for a moment.

<  Coco Rocha website


She basically models for everyone (Dior, Hermes, Oscar de la Renta), and she really models with her eyes. Her eyebrows do the talking, and her mouth backs them up. Fun fact: she was a ballerina and was born in 1992 (which makes me feel old)...


She just reminds me of a little pixie with her upturned eyes and cute nose. So ethereal. She even kills on the runway. Did you know she's Candian?


The girl may have been around the proverbial block, but she's by no means stale. Short hair, long hair, heavy makeup, no makeup... the girl can rock it all. Her portfolio is mind-boggling. She was featured in 2 of my favorite American Vogue stories - an Alice in Wonderland editorial...

And an editorial in which Natalia portrayed a series of famous models from the past...

If you never read about her humble Russian background, it will make you love her even more.
Natalia Vodianova website


I love that this lil Dutch girl actually has a figure - boobs, hips, etc. Very sexy, and the gap in her front teeth is charming, I think. She can be very severe, but she can also be soft. (Tyra rule# 48 - a top model must have the ability to be both). I fell in love with her when she was featured in a Brigette Bardot-inspired editorial in W Magazine...

I felt like I owed it to these ladies to pay them tribute. After all, they are part of what makes me love fashion so much. Cheers to you, models!


Film Review : Eat Pray Love

Go see Eat Pray Love. See it See it See it.

I did not read the book before seeing the movie but heard rave reviews about it. Plus, I usually enjoy any movie with Julia Roberts in it. I figured it was a winner. And it was. Not only is Eat Pray Love a great personal journey story, but the countries that Julia Roberts' character (Liz Gilbert) visits to take the journey are awe-inspiring.

If you don't know the premise of Eat Pray Love, Liz Gilbert is having an identity crisis. She doesn't know what she wants out of life or who she is anymore, so she drops everything to take an extended trip to figure things out and find her true self. She lives in Italy, then India, then finishes the year in Bali, Indonesia. As you can guess, the movie's title is indicative of Liz's objectives on the trip - to eat, pray and love (in that order).

If the personal journey premise doesn't hook you, see the movie for the scenery...


Pay attention to the sounds during this part of the movie - when Liz makes dinner for herself in Rome. The crunching bread, boiling water, dripping olive oil, and the sound of the wine pouring into a glass is enough to make you drool.


So many beautiful colors and wonderful meditation scenes.


You're going to want to put this cute little Balinese medicine man in your pocket and take him home with you. He's a wise old tortoise with a great message.

Of course, I've gotta talk about the wardrobe in the movie. I've deduced that the costuming is indicative of Liz's journey; she begins the film in the US wearing a stuffy bandage dress and heels. She finishes out the movie in Bali wearing linen and cotton flowy tunics and comfy tops with rope sandals. I'll leave it at that.

Eat Pray Love is vivacious, intrepid, and endearing. You may see a lot of yourself in the Liz Gilbert character; I certainly did. (The movie also got me amped for my trip to and travels in Japan.)
I give it 4 stars!


To Do List & Home Decor

When Casey Fiancé is in Tokyo without his betrothed (moí), I will undoubtedly need to be entertained. I am a child at heart and may start to shut down if I'm not entertained. Gotta' keep moving. I'm like a shark. So I have come to the conclusion that friends and projects are the way to keep myself busy.

While Fiancé is gone, there will be NO:

- sulking
- extreme movie marathons with myself (unless I am ill, I suppose)
- crying or whining of any kind
- slacking on the cleaning, painting, imbibing, blogging, shopping (which may dramatically increase actually), or creating
- fast food meals

These projects are already on my radar:

- finish the 982374987234 paintings I have started but not finished
- design a garment or clothing piece (which I realize requires me to learn how to sew. Yeesh...)
- learn Rosetta Stone Japanese, so I'm not completely clueless when I move to Tokyo
- create a photo collage on our long hallway wall
- finally frame the screenprint pieces I have done which have been patiently waiting in my portfolio for years
- visit friends in Chicago & New York
- visit family in California & Georgia
- redecorate our apartment. Here is some of my inspiration...

(designed by London designers Thornton & Bregazzi)

These mismatch drawers were made by German company Entwurf-Direkt. I like the eclecticness and controlled disarray of the drawers. What a character piece this would be.

There's also another fairly large to-do. What was it? Oh yes... plan a wedding.

Artsy Fartsy Friday : Sillem Shoe Series

I took one look at this photo series by Christoph Sillem and had to post it. It's not the shoes themselves that I'm crazy about but the way that Sillem photographs them in an environment. So colorful and whimsical! I've never seen shoes showcased like this - it's all about the shoe and the leg. So much leg. This model must be 8 feet tall.


These shoes, I like.

Happy Friday to all!