Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture

Christian Dior's Fall 2010 Couture Collection is nothing short of inspiring. The floral influences are obvious, deliberate and literal, but they are not stale in any way. These pieces are just stunning. From cinched waist cocktail garments with a retro undertone, to ethereal gowns of gathered and swirling fabrics... the craftsmanship is impeccable. The level of handywork seems so meticulous that it's almost nonexistent - as if nature herself created the collection.

Flowers and florals are generally a very 'spring' concept (like Miranda Priestly's quote in The Devil Wears Prada - "Florals... for spring? Groundbreaking.") But I love that they are referenced in this Fall line. And there's no doubt that the pieces moved with such fluidity and grace down the runway. I'd relish seeing the collection in person - so much color! If you're listening, fashion gods, send me one of these:

(orchid influence here)

can I get this in white and wear it to my wedding?

  The cute lil designer himself - John Galliano. Love his Salvador Dali facial hair.

I also really like how the models' hair was styled. It's very Candyland! Like hats but little wrapped pieces of caramel. The backdrop of the runway show was inspiring in itself - greenery, statues and oversized flowers. Bravo Dior! More of this!

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  1. I fell in love with Dior's Fall Collection the minute I clapped eyes on it! It's so whimiscal and original.


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