Kim K., Chameleon?

I'm swimming upstream again and posting another famous face. Though I wouldn't say that this face is particulaly recognizable in this shoot...

Say what you will about the girl, she can still take a great photo. Reality show and sex tapes aside, I love Kim Kardashian's recent ballsy-ness with regards to fashion photo shoots - when she does something non-Kim and breaks away from her usual image.

These hypnotizing photos are from a feature editorial with YRB Magazine:

She ain't quite cookie cutter Kardashian in this shoot. We finally get some mystery there. Plus she looks good in short wigs. Who knew?

These photos are from Kim's feature in Australian publication Kurv Magazine. She made many a cameo in this Barbie issue. I guess 'Barbie' was the guest editor, and Kim graced the cover and posed as sort of a modern day Barbie of high fashion.

It seems she got to play with so many fun looks for this story, and I'm sure posing with 'Ken' wasn't a bad experience either. The last one reminds me of bridal Barbie.

I got a bit nostalgic looking at these Barbie inspired photos because I was Barbie-obsessed when I was a little Lizz. My sister and I had Barbie outfits and accessories for days, and we would conduct runway shows as kids and force my mother to film them. Classic. I remember my favorite outfit for Barbie was a fluffy turquoise peacock-looking dress with an irridescent train and single avant garde pouf sleeve. I'm totally cracking open the ol' dress-up box next time I go home to find those Barbie clothes!

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