Kitty in the Water

The following is a story I can't say I thought I'd be telling. 
I did a favor for a friend. This friend is one of my best friends in the world - she would do anything for me, and of course, I for her. We went to middle school and high school together and stayed close through and after college. Basically, this friend moved away to another state recently, and she did not have the opportunity to go back to our hometown (Lake Travis in Austin, TX. Shout-out!) for some unfinished business.

The unfinished business? Laying her cat's cremated ashes to rest.  

The 'cat formerly known as Ziggy' essentially grew up with us in Lake Travis, and thus, my friend wanted his ashes tossed sweetly into the lake he was so fond of. Then there was I - traveling to Lake Travis to show my family my new ringfinger bling. So I obliged the wishes of my BFF and gave her a hand with this unfinished business.

Naturally, my father and little brother Jamie accompanied me to photo-document the occasion...

Jamie and I in the marina with the little cat ashes urn.

Pouring out the ashes whilst mumbling a somewhat awkward eulogy. I think it went something like, "Rest in peace, Ziggy. You were smelly and angry, but I think I remember you being a great cat..."
There were a lot of ashes in that tiny urn. At some point, my father said, "How many cats are in there?"

This was my brother's idea - to salute (he wants to join the Navy). Imagine trumpets playing softly as you look at this photo...

At the end of the day, it's a story to tell. And now Ziggy can RIP.
This is the marina in which I spent SO many hot but wonderful summers working in HS and college. Add another interesting memory to the list, boys. 

Au revoir for now, Lake Travis, mon amour!

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