Lake Rats & Austin Times

So the amigos and I finally got some lake time last week. Being from Lake Travis in Austin, anytime I get lake time, it's happy time. We went after work, so we got to catch a Gorgeous McWonderful sunset to boot.

Here's my 'lake chic' look. I'm covering up my 3-seasons-old swim suit (I know... gasp!)

Wakeboard time. I asked my friend if I could bedazzle my own life vest. He said that was a dumb idea. I think otherwise...

Friend Taylor and I

Mother Nature was feelin' it that day.

Over the weekend I enjoyed a highly anticipated girls' trip to Austin (shoutout). At night we went to places like:

But we also went to a great farmer's market downtown where we ate organic fruit popsicles and saw this...
This guy and his cat. Mind you, the cat was wearing a shirt (the man was not) and was also on a leash. I asked to take a picture of the leashed cat, but the guy literally gave me 1-mississippi of a moment to snap the picture. Then he put the cat on his shoulders and bicycled away.

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