Max.Tan of Singapore

I thought that these designs were interesting; they are by a Singapore-based brand known as Max.Tan. Once you have the ability to look away from the bat hat, you see what great craftsmanship and silhouettes the designers have going.

Some images from the Max.Tan 2010-2011 Autumn/Winter collection:

The Max.Tan people describe their designs as "androgyneous meets soft geometry" and "experimenting with quirk". I think it is quite lovely how the pieces essentially erase the model or wearer's own form and create an entirely new one. The individual doesn't wear the clothes; the clothes definitely wear the individual.
Max.Tan says that the "sobriety" - the black and white palette of the collection - is "interrupted by unexpected twists in the designs". I dig that.

You can also check out Max.Tan's currently 2010 Spring/Summer collection wherein they try to think of all the different and abstract ways you can design 'the white shirt'. Don't look too hard at the model though - she's uber skinny and thus a little freaky. (Too-thin is not IN, Singapore...)

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