Ortega Likes to Suspend Things

Now, when you think of the artistic concept of "turning the ordinary into the extraordinary", which artists come to mind?... Claes Oldenberg? Warhol? Duchamp?
Well now you can add Dami├ín Ortega to the list. This sculpture artist/instillationist must have the patience of Ghandi for the kind of meticulous and calculated work that he does:

Parts and pieces of what used to be a semi truck, suspended from the ceiling by high-test aircraft cables. It almost looks computer-generated, it's so perfectly suspended. He is essentially keeping the idea of the object's form while breaking it down into its most basic contour.

Cosmic Thing (2002)
A VW Beetle blown out and frozen in space. Ortega meticulously dissembled this little car into what I think its blueprint might look like. As if the picture in the VW manufacturer's manual came to life. I like how Trendland describes this work - "an exaggerated constellation..." and "volume diagrammed in steel". You can view this work in the round, really taking in all the pieces and parts, appreciating each on its own. The parts - suspended like stars - give credence to the title of the instillation. 

Champ de Vision
If you squint, you can roughly make out the 'eye' shape that the colored circles create. You can understand that, from far away, the dots are less discernable and become a single plane. It's like when you look very closely at the ink printing of a comic book - it's made up of colored dots.

Controller of the Universe
This must be a fearsome piece to behold. The point of view we have here makes it seem as though all of the objects (saws, scissors, tools, axes, sharp things...) are flying at you. Or are they flying around you because you're the 'controller of the universe'? A very cool effect. Although if a gust of wind came through this room, you may have problems... 

I wish I could send you to Ortega's personal website, but I could not find one for him. He's too busy suspending things to keep up with that. Art takes dedication, people.


  1. I love this, i'd love something
    like this in my house.
    Ben de Lisi has a piece exactly
    like the third one in his hallway.
    Great post.

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