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The fiancé and I went to Austin over the weekend so that he may say Goodbye to my parents before he leaves for Tokyo. [insert extreme sad face] We also had a wonderful meeting of the families. I know what you're going to ask, and Yes - everyone got along swimmingly. We are very blessed to have such warm and generous fams.

I got to hang with my 'furry brother and sister':

Gidget the Boxer & Kaiser the Great Dane
This is what they do pretty much all day long, unless they're harassing squirrels in the backyard.

FiancĂ© Casey went with my father and brother on a manly retreat to an exotic game ranch one morning (no animals were harmed during this excursion). They saw every beast that can withstand the Texas heat including a rhino, all kinds of elk and exotic deer, emu, and this very curious and friendly fella:

That's Casey feeding a full grown giraffe. But this isn't even the best picture... Geoffrey the Giraffe was so friendly that he let Casey scratch behind his ears like a dog, pet his nose, even hug his neck for a few photos. If I had been invited on this trip, chances are I would have stuck by Geoffrey's side all day.

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