What They're Wearing in Tokyo

Just when I was wondering what of my own wardobe to bring to Japan... WWD totally comes through for me! When today's Women's Wear Daily was delivered to my desk, I spotted a happy Japanese couple on the front page and immediately giggled. "Finally - I'll get to see what crazy things they're wearing in Tokyo!"

Turns out, our American view of what the youth and fashion culture wears is a bit dated (as I assumed). It's no longer dolled-up Harajuku girls and outlandish costumes on the urban scene. It's actually what I wear! It's bohemian-meets-urban-meets-cotton comfort. Score. Air hump. Fist pump.

What kind of phone is that?

Will you be my friend?

Somebody get this girl some sake...

So you're sayin' my fedoras and head scarves will fit in perfectly in Tokyo? ...

Probably by the time I get there, the trends will have changed. It will also be freezing cold winter. I'll just have to scope out the winter fashions beforehand. Or just buy a whole new wardrobe when I get to Japan... ;)


  1. Mama Hill8/13/2010

    Do you hope your fiancee will rock the look featured on the men in this article? Love the yellow knit job on your hippy self

  2. Yes - thanks for the hat, Licious! You know me well. And I doubt the fiance will wear anything featured here... Ha!


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