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When Casey Fiancé is in Tokyo without his betrothed (moí), I will undoubtedly need to be entertained. I am a child at heart and may start to shut down if I'm not entertained. Gotta' keep moving. I'm like a shark. So I have come to the conclusion that friends and projects are the way to keep myself busy.

While Fiancé is gone, there will be NO:

- sulking
- extreme movie marathons with myself (unless I am ill, I suppose)
- crying or whining of any kind
- slacking on the cleaning, painting, imbibing, blogging, shopping (which may dramatically increase actually), or creating
- fast food meals

These projects are already on my radar:

- finish the 982374987234 paintings I have started but not finished
- design a garment or clothing piece (which I realize requires me to learn how to sew. Yeesh...)
- learn Rosetta Stone Japanese, so I'm not completely clueless when I move to Tokyo
- create a photo collage on our long hallway wall
- finally frame the screenprint pieces I have done which have been patiently waiting in my portfolio for years
- visit friends in Chicago & New York
- visit family in California & Georgia
- redecorate our apartment. Here is some of my inspiration...

(designed by London designers Thornton & Bregazzi)

These mismatch drawers were made by German company Entwurf-Direkt. I like the eclecticness and controlled disarray of the drawers. What a character piece this would be.

There's also another fairly large to-do. What was it? Oh yes... plan a wedding.

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  1. Congratulations! These inspirations are great! I look forward to seeing pictures from any DIY's! Check out my blog, The In's & Out's of Sometimes Having It All, I love to hear feedback and new followers {especially fellow Texans}




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