Marchesa Spring 2011 = Fluffy!

Marchesa's 2011 Spring Collection was presented at the Chelsea Art Museum. Instead of bright colors, the palette of the spring collection consisted of smokey black, oyster, rose and mint. Fabrics were silk, tulle, silk crepe, and organza. Mother, may I?!

And of course there were feathers, jeweled peplums, long trains, and elaborate embroidery. Showtime!

Here are photos of some of my fave pieces from the collection:

An example of the laser-cut tulle (this gown was made for Anna Hathaway)

almost like origami

This dress is so sweet. I love the color and the rosettes.

Tres magnifique, oui oui?


Congrats All Around

I should be awarded a medal for my performance on Saturday. I shopped, I did not spend a lot of money, and I am completed enamored with every one of my purchases. No buyer's remorse. Perhaps a first.
" Lizz, won't you accept this Medal of Excellence in the Art of Shopping? "
" Oh yes, don't mind if I do... " 

I got 8 assorted pieces from Buffalo Exchange (I strongly recommend) including a floppy wool hat and a grey silk jumper. Also got 2 new pairs of shoes for Fall - brown suede boots and black stilettos. I can't wait to show you guys... pics to come. OOOOH fashion showwww

I would like to congratulate my girl Lara Stone on her Gorgeous McBoobalicious cover of the October 2010 issue of Vogue Paris:

Who needs clothes to model? Not Lara. Also, I heard she recently got married, so congrats to her on that too. Lara, may you one day make lovely Dutch babies that can model for Baby Gap or United Colors of Benetton or something.

I pseudo-recently saw a clip of Blake Lively interviewed on Regis & Kelly (Blake and Kelly chattered about Blake's activities during Fashion Week while Regis put his awkward oblivious 2-cents in here and there). Blake was saying she visited Christian Louboutin's atelier with him; a shoe he was working on caught her eye so much so - she said she had to have it. So naturally, Louboutin decided to name the shoe after her..

The Blake

Lucky bi-aaatch. Congrats to Blake. Of course, it's beautiful even in a pixelated iPhone pic. I can't wait to try it on wistfully at Nordstrom and wipe away tears as I put it back on the shelf.


Clothing Inspired by Rooms?

Mary Katrantzou is a designer whom I've admittedly never heard of before, but she makes interesting garments - that's for sure. Here are photos from the runway show of her Spring 2011 Ready To Wear collection. I always thought that 'Ready To Wear' collections meant... well... I didn't think it meant this. But Trendland called Katrantzou "among the second wave of breakout stars of the digital print revolution that has been sweeping London’s designers". (She's from the UK).

Check it out:

Chandelier or sconce-inspired neck piece

Her Spring 2011 Collection appears a nice echo to her Autumn/Winter 2010/11 collection:

(Closeup of one of her print garments)

So this collection inspired by room interiors is the first I've ever seen of this concept. Have any designers done the lamp shade skirt before? I know I've seen the lamp shade hat...

Katrantzou said, "With this collection, I wanted to put the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room.” If you want to see more, check out her website.


Artsy Fartsy Friday : Christopher Wilson

So this photographer is a-may-zing. His name is Christopher Wilson and he always seems to be in the right place at the right time for a fantastic picture. His composition is exquisite. Apparently he used to be a poor ballet dancer but now he's a successful and talented photographer. I'd say you found your true calling, Mr Wilson:

From his Speedway series...

From his Beauty series...

From his Surfer series...

From his Portrait series...

From his Dubai series...

I'd love to frame this last one and put it in my living room. Oooh... or blow it up wall-sized!

Check out this guy's website. He's brilliant. Happy Friday to all my Jellies. Stay safe and may you have an adventure this weekend.

To Casey:
I miss you with my whole self.


Tea Party in the Woods

Interestingly enough, I've always had a fantasy of having an elaborate and elegant tea party dressed to the nines in Fall couture... autumn air, birds chirping, darjeeling hot, cheese on the table, and me wearing a crazy-awesome avant garde gown topped with a top hat. Just when this fantasy of mine was fading, my dear friend Christian tips me off to an editorial he saw in the July issue of JNC Magazine.

What is JNC magazine and what do the J, N and C stand for? I don't know - it's German.  But you'll love the photos. Photography by Benedikt Kranz, styling by Alex Huber, the (famous?) model was Katharina Minwegan...

(there's that mini tricorner hat again)

Love the hair in this pic. I also love that he table is a heap of branches.

Allow me to flesh out my woodsy-tea-party fantasy... all of my best girlfriends would be there. We'd sit at a rediculously long skinny table (but somehow always able to hear and see each other). All my guests would sit on colored toadstools and I would be at the head of the table (duh, it's my party) perched in an oversized brocade armchair... my giant dog sitting proudly beside me. He would wear a top hat too, of course.

My guests and I would tell stories and laugh all day, drinking exotic teas and eating cheese and grapes. Then I'd open a few gifts. Why are there gifts? It's my fantasy - don't ask questions. I suppose we could finish the evening with the fireflies that come out; we'd build a fort made of huge white sheets. A garden gnome would quietly play the citar or a mandolin or something, and we'd drink wine and talk until we fell asleep under the constellations.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to brew some green tea now. Cheers, mon amis!


You Look Like MTV

This post is neither fashion-related nor art-related, so let me throw that out there now... I had a 10-hour video shoot (literally) at work today and my brain is fried. So I'm at the checkout counter at the grocery store this evening, and I notice the bagger girl looking at me funny. I knew she was going to say something, and she did...

"You look like you should be on MTV or something..."

Naturally, my thoughts went to:

I was afraid to ask whether that was a good thing or bad thing. But seeing how I looked like this:

... it may have been that chick's way of saying, "you look like you were attractive and put-together a few hours ago, but now you just look worn-out and busted."  Thanks bagger girl.

At the moment, I'm cooking one of my favorite meals. I call it Lizz's Rainbow Pasta. I make Casey eat it all the time. What's in it, you say? Well I sort of made it up...

  • spiral egg noodles
  • pulled rotisserie chicken
  • sliced black and green olives
  • black beans
  • kidney beans
  • sweet corn
  • mix all the ingredients together with chunky mild salsa
  • top with a dollop of Daisy sour cream

Delish! I didn't include any ingredient measurements because I just throw all that stuff in a big pot after I cook the pasta. The dish may sound lame, but I promise you'll love it. It's easy to make (it would have to be - my cooking skills would make Julia Child blush) and it's a great fall and winter dish.

Do you want to die of an overdose of cuteness? Casey's and my friend Mike stopped by to let me meet his new puppy (Maverick) and watch Glee:

And the cutest part was, Maverick watched Glee too!...

Casey, I love and miss you.


Marc Jacobs Does the 70s

Woopsies - I did an Artsy Fartsy Friday post yesterday, so today we shall devote to fashion. Hoorah.

You gotta love Spring Fashion week. Mecca, as I call it. I saw a video somewhere of this week's runway shows. One show that caught my eye was Marc Jacobs' Ready To Wear collection for Spring 2011. It appears a modernized homage to the fashion of the 1970s - the hats, the frizzy hair, the bold color blocking, the prints, the floral accents, the fabrics... even the footwear tipped its big floppy hat to retro fashion. (The makeup though - that was romantic 1920s Hollywood. Hawt.)

Marc kept the runway dark and on the ground and lit up the models with a spotlight. It really made the silks shine. I was attracted to the warm color palette he used - lots of reds and purples and pinks. He also kept things relatively flowy; there weren't a lot of heavily tailored garments. By springtime we don't want to be confined in our clothes anyway. Great design choices, Marc, not that I need to tell you - you're friggin Marc Jacobs.

Here are some pics from the runway show:

I want it.

Flowy jumpsuits? Ok!

Diggin the look.

Bordering on Resort Wear. Be still, my heart.

Get me some oversized sunglasses and a sunhat...  the fabulousness is blinding.