Congrats All Around

I should be awarded a medal for my performance on Saturday. I shopped, I did not spend a lot of money, and I am completed enamored with every one of my purchases. No buyer's remorse. Perhaps a first.
" Lizz, won't you accept this Medal of Excellence in the Art of Shopping? "
" Oh yes, don't mind if I do... " 

I got 8 assorted pieces from Buffalo Exchange (I strongly recommend) including a floppy wool hat and a grey silk jumper. Also got 2 new pairs of shoes for Fall - brown suede boots and black stilettos. I can't wait to show you guys... pics to come. OOOOH fashion showwww

I would like to congratulate my girl Lara Stone on her Gorgeous McBoobalicious cover of the October 2010 issue of Vogue Paris:

Who needs clothes to model? Not Lara. Also, I heard she recently got married, so congrats to her on that too. Lara, may you one day make lovely Dutch babies that can model for Baby Gap or United Colors of Benetton or something.

I pseudo-recently saw a clip of Blake Lively interviewed on Regis & Kelly (Blake and Kelly chattered about Blake's activities during Fashion Week while Regis put his awkward oblivious 2-cents in here and there). Blake was saying she visited Christian Louboutin's atelier with him; a shoe he was working on caught her eye so much so - she said she had to have it. So naturally, Louboutin decided to name the shoe after her..

The Blake

Lucky bi-aaatch. Congrats to Blake. Of course, it's beautiful even in a pixelated iPhone pic. I can't wait to try it on wistfully at Nordstrom and wipe away tears as I put it back on the shelf.

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