Marc Jacobs Does the 70s

Woopsies - I did an Artsy Fartsy Friday post yesterday, so today we shall devote to fashion. Hoorah.

You gotta love Spring Fashion week. Mecca, as I call it. I saw a video somewhere of this week's runway shows. One show that caught my eye was Marc Jacobs' Ready To Wear collection for Spring 2011. It appears a modernized homage to the fashion of the 1970s - the hats, the frizzy hair, the bold color blocking, the prints, the floral accents, the fabrics... even the footwear tipped its big floppy hat to retro fashion. (The makeup though - that was romantic 1920s Hollywood. Hawt.)

Marc kept the runway dark and on the ground and lit up the models with a spotlight. It really made the silks shine. I was attracted to the warm color palette he used - lots of reds and purples and pinks. He also kept things relatively flowy; there weren't a lot of heavily tailored garments. By springtime we don't want to be confined in our clothes anyway. Great design choices, Marc, not that I need to tell you - you're friggin Marc Jacobs.

Here are some pics from the runway show:

I want it.

Flowy jumpsuits? Ok!

Diggin the look.

Bordering on Resort Wear. Be still, my heart.

Get me some oversized sunglasses and a sunhat...  the fabulousness is blinding.


  1. Thanks for the add on IFB. You have a fabulous blogs. Love these gorgeous pictures! Following you now. =)

  2. Marc Jacobs is one of my fovourites.
    His style is great!



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