Shoes : The Ugly & The Fugly

I haven't done a shoe post in a while (which is strange, because shoes are on my mind almost as much as cheese. What?) So let's talk about shoes. I could go the usual route and talk about all the hot new heels out there for Fall 2010... but I like talking about fugly stuff too.

On a different note, I tried on a new pair of Lady Lynch Strass Christian Louboutins at Nordstrom over the weekend :

 and the snooty sales clerk looked at me with that judging 'stop trying to jam your big foot into a shoe that's too small' look. Then he asked, "Can I get you a bigger size?"  No thanks, I left the gold dabloons I would need to pay for these at home today.

Moving right along... with the assistance of my amiga Taylor, we've found some pretty interesting shoes to showcase today. The unique, the bad, and the OMG-that's-horrendous.

Alexander McQueen's Armadillo heels
Now here's a shoe that I feel has been misunderstood. Some people really seem to hate these, but I personally love them. I would really love to try walking in them.

 Pokemon GameBoy platforms
Do people still play GameBoys? Mine was grey and weighed like 7 pounds, definitely could not fit cutely in the platform of a shoe. Why do I get the feeling I'll be seeing these in Japan?
 Vibram FiveFingers Sprint athletic shoes
If I wanted to go barefoot, I would go barefoot. Also I saw a guy at the gym get on the treadmill in these and he tripped like 3 times. SO fugly. Perhaps next they'll design little red nail-like tips on the toes for the ladies?

Oh wait, they did something like that...

Comme Des Garcons Toe shoes

Balenciaga Lego heels
Usually I worship this fashion house, but this mess? Looks like my little brother made these with his erector set. Possible coordinating accessories: a body harness and a helmet.

 Louis Vuitton Daisy Half Boot in Monogram Denim
Just when you think LV can't get any more sticky-sweet. Gag me with that tassle...

 Nina Ricci Heel-less heels
Impractical? Yes. Uncomfortable? Maybe. Do I still want some? Duh. In black please.

Marc Jacobs heels
Gotta give him props for thinking outside the box on these. It's like there was a mix-up at the shoe factory and Marc said, "You know what guys? Just leave it." Don't know how wearable they are, but they sure are fun to look at.

And the mother of all fugly shoes...

Iris Schieferstein Hoof Heels
I have no words...


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