Tea Party in the Woods

Interestingly enough, I've always had a fantasy of having an elaborate and elegant tea party dressed to the nines in Fall couture... autumn air, birds chirping, darjeeling hot, cheese on the table, and me wearing a crazy-awesome avant garde gown topped with a top hat. Just when this fantasy of mine was fading, my dear friend Christian tips me off to an editorial he saw in the July issue of JNC Magazine.

What is JNC magazine and what do the J, N and C stand for? I don't know - it's German.  But you'll love the photos. Photography by Benedikt Kranz, styling by Alex Huber, the (famous?) model was Katharina Minwegan...

(there's that mini tricorner hat again)

Love the hair in this pic. I also love that he table is a heap of branches.

Allow me to flesh out my woodsy-tea-party fantasy... all of my best girlfriends would be there. We'd sit at a rediculously long skinny table (but somehow always able to hear and see each other). All my guests would sit on colored toadstools and I would be at the head of the table (duh, it's my party) perched in an oversized brocade armchair... my giant dog sitting proudly beside me. He would wear a top hat too, of course.

My guests and I would tell stories and laugh all day, drinking exotic teas and eating cheese and grapes. Then I'd open a few gifts. Why are there gifts? It's my fantasy - don't ask questions. I suppose we could finish the evening with the fireflies that come out; we'd build a fort made of huge white sheets. A garden gnome would quietly play the citar or a mandolin or something, and we'd drink wine and talk until we fell asleep under the constellations.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to brew some green tea now. Cheers, mon amis!


  1. Casey K9/24/2010

    the lipstick color on the girl in white: brilliant.

    i am crashing this party

  2. I know, right? I love plum lips. And you're welcome to crash my fantasy tea parties anytime!


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