Halloween Costume #1 - Elvis, baby

Finally, I got a second away from work to Jelly Blog! I can't tell you how happy I am that my hell week is finally over, and the costuming and partying can insue. It's like Christmas. But Halloween.

For work today, I decided to dress as (drumroll)... Elvis ! I have never cross-dressed before, but given that this costume is really the female version, I'd say I dolled it up pretty well:

That's right... mama wore a glitter jumpsuit to work. And my gold disco heels and gold hoops, and further accessorized with gold glitter microphone and some sweet 70s shades. I pumped up my pompadour and smeared gold glitter makeup all over my eyes. Winner. Don't step on my blue suede shoes...

Let me tell you that I now know how Adam Lambert feels - if I sat down somewhere today, I left my mark in glitter. Everywhere I walked... trail of glitter. I feel like a pixie. My favorite part of the Elvis costume was the cape. I feel so campy. But my least favorite part was going to the bathroom. It is not easy to pee whilst wearing a onesie jumpsuit - word to the wise. I did NOT think that part through.

Onto the Fire Alarm Incident of October 29th 2010...
I was putting the final touches on my Elvis costume this morning in my apartment. I wasn't ready to head out the door, but I had just zipped up the jumpsuit, when BAM. The building fire alarm starts freaking out. The leasing office told us that, when that happens, you're supposed to grab your family and loves ones, leave your apartment, and exit the building immediately.

Well I was a'wearin that glitter jumpsuit (the more that I think about it, the more I realize I really look like a Lady Liberace.) Well I grabbed the first cover-up I saw, which was my white bathrobe. Then I exited the building. I was in full costume hair and makeup, jumpsuit, and a bathrobe that barely conceals the glittery abomination. My neighbors were staring at me like I was crazy. Finally one girl had the nerve to come ask me, "So whatcha' got on under there?" I loudly replied, "My Elvis costume for work" so that the other tenants would hear and not assume I was the weirdo Queen who lives upstairs. (Every building has one of those, you know.)

If that wasn't enough, the firefighters - who had to inspect the non-burning building for 30 minutes to make sure it was okay for us to go back inside - gave me not-so-subtle looks up and down. The last one out the door said, "I'm sure whatever look you're going for will be great once you go back inside and finish getting ready." Thanks firefighter man. If not for the imaginary fire, I'd be knocking your socks off right now with my outfit from the late King's closet.

Want more costumes? My coworkers have some fantastic imaginations. Here are the costumes they wore to work today:
Christian as the Mad Hatter

Lucas as the Terry character from the TV show Reno 911 (if you know this character, you'll understand why this costume is funny!)

My friend Taylor and her Geisha costume. We had fun doing her makeup. She used orchids to finish the look. Byoo-ti-ful!

Jessica in her Fortune Teller Gypsy costume. She had great makeup and wore white-out contact lenses.

I love Halloween. Next stop... Little Red Riding Hood.


Lo Siento, Mis Amores

Before you get your Victoria's Secret cotton boyshorts in a twist (I dont know what kind of underoos you wear, I'm just guessing) about me not blogging since Friday or probably much this week, allow me to explain. This week is my 'hell week' of sorts. Think Coast Guard Boot Camp minus the physical activities but factor in the really long hours, sleep deprivation, mental strain and people yelling at you. That's my week.

This is what I look at work:

But less man-like.
And then I finish doing that at work, and come home to immediately do this:

Just like this kid, I barely make it into the bed sometimes. Insomuch, blogging has to take a backseat this week. I'm pulling the station wagon over, kids. Jelly Blog shall resume this weekend for Halloween (thank gawd).

Future topics: my 3948593 Halloween costumes, clothes I'm giving away, and why I love wine fashion.


Rock the Tie, Ladies

During fall and winter, I like to wear my fiance's ties as an accessory. Today seemed like a great day to rock a tie. I wore Casey's orange and black striped silk tie with a white collared button-up, black slacks and black stilettos...

One coworker calls me 'Prep School' whenever I wear ties, but I love 'em. Perhaps they're a bit androgynous, but depending on the kind of tie and what you pair them with, they can really enhance a look. Ties can be sharp, funky or even playful. I like wearing them as belts too (shout-out to Pamela).

I probably do not need to argue my point of why ties are awesome, but just let me say my piece. All of these leading ladies wore a tie at one point or another (some more often than others). You'll remember...

 Diane Keaton in Annie Hall cerca 1977. Keaton would go on to wear more suit-and-tie combos than dresses, I believe...

Gwen Stefani. Who says you can't wear a tie with your bathing suit? Nobody. It's still technically a 'suit'.

 J.Aniston's famous GQ cover wearing only a tie. See - she's so happy.

Avril Lavigne. Although I thought she over-wore the tie a bit...

Gaga in her 'costume' complete with USA flag tie at the gay pride rally. Add awkwardly-huge glasses, and you're ready for Capitol Hill. (At least she didn't wear a button-up and no pants again.)

Brooklyn Decker for Ralph Lauren in his ladies' 3-piece suit. I love her.

Annie Lennox cerca the Eurythmics. Here she's thinking, "This tie so matches my eyes".

Britney Spears in her 'Me Against the Music' music video with Madonna. Unless you're a stripper though, I wouldn't suggest vinyl as my fabric of choice for a tie.

So I think I've made my point. Ties are awesome. Ties can and should be worn by women. Go on ladies, rock the tie. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you'll be hearing a lot of this compliment: "I must say, I love your tie."  Wink!


Russian Dolls

The October issue of British Vogue displayed the continuing whimsical work of Tim Walker via this captivating editorial. The editorial is said to be "inspired by Victoria & Albert Museum's exhibition on Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes". The talented Karlie Kloss is front and center in the piece - what great costumes and makeup she got to wear!

 Oh look - the feather coat I'll be pairing with my wedding dress...

To me, it's editorials like this one that make fashion exciting and inspiring. What is fashion without a little drama?

In other news, I'm attending a wedding in town this weekend for wonderful friends of ours. Can't wait! I don't think I can wear the charcoal silk harem pant jumper to 2 weddings in a row... What to wear?... 

*Thanks for the topic tip, Christian!



Are you feelin' the autumn love? I feel it... and it is goooood. Lizzo made a little jaunt to Target this weekend to buy 1 thing: Q-tips. Did I leave Target with only Q-tips? No.

Aside from Q-tips (which, lets face it, were really just an excuse to go to Target), I got 3 pairs of over-the-knee knit socks and a few little ditties to make my apartment feel all cozy and autumny. Texas, make it cold so I can wear my new socks please.

I also painted pumpkins. Why don't I carve them? you ask. They last longer if you don't scoop out their guts. That, and the smell of rotting pumpkin makes me dry-heave. Here's my little tip for pumpkin painting:  spraypaint them white first. You'll have a great blank canvas if you're using several different colors of acrylic paint.

I also did a few Halloween crafts with these dudes:

I thought my little nephews should try their hand at the pumpkin painting too. I think how someone paints a pumpkin tells you a lot about them. That, and how someone dresses a burger, orders a drink, or gives a hug.

During craft time, our conversation turned to juice (as it often can when you're hanging with a 2 and 3 year old).  The oldest said, "My favorite juice is orange juice." The younger one said, "I like apple juice!" Then I asked, "Do you know what my favorite juice is?"  And without hesitation, the oldest said...



Artsy Fartsy Friday : Flying Paint & Cowboy Collages

Boysen Paint (who?) recently came out with some great CGI print ads. Very inspiring. I love that they thought outside the box on these; you don't have to show paint in a can or on a wall... you can show it flying through the air and making interesting shapes! I love the effect - the paint looks like it formed these shapes by happenstance.   <---Word of the Day, use it twice.

A JELLY! My favorite (obvi)

he even has a little slime trail

(from a past campaign comprised of floral shapes)

And this artist I was just introduced to - Javier Pinon who does work that reminds me of the renderings I have in my scrapbook (I do collages with cut-out images from magazines). Maybe that's why I dig his style. He's a collage artist. His inspirations are cowboys and Medusa. I love the whimsy of his cowboy pieces.

(a slight reference to Icarus of Greek mythology?)

I feel like this was a scene taken from an upgraded Coyote & Roadrunner cartoon. MEEP-MEEP!

Wishing all my Jellies a happy and exciting weekend. I will be running walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Oh don't worry - my team and I will be wearing head-to-toe pink. I may even rock my tutu. And pink tights. And pink eyelashes. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm walkin' it for you, G-ma!


Costumes Are For Lovers

Costumes... the weird, forgotten cousin of the fashion industry. When most people watch movies, they don't really think much about the wardrobe. It's my favorite part! When people think of Halloween, they wonder what costUME to get. I purchase costUMES for Halloween. You gotta have options, people.

Yeah - I'm a little nutty about Halloween, but it's easy to see why. If you don't love Halloween at our age, I judge you just a little bit. What's not to love about going out with your friends and doing what you like to do on a Saturday night... just wearing wings? Or colored wigs or ears or a slightly revealing costume (but it's okay because it's Halloween).

As Cady Heron said in Mean Girls:
 In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it. The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.

Nuff said, Cady.     Four for you, Glenn Coco. You go, Glenn Coco...

I've started assembling 3 costumes that I plan to wear for Halloween weekend (I told you... nutty). One for work that Friday, one for Saturday night with friends, and one for Sunday night with amigas. I want to leave a little mystery, but here's the fun wig I plan on wearing for one of the costumes:
My coworkers are also getting in the spirit of Halloween. Here's my friend Lucas trying on the roller skates he just bought for his costume...
Last year I went as the Queen of Hearts and made Casey dress up as the Mad Hatter. He looked great (even though that probably would not have been his first choice for a costume). It was our first Halloween in 5 years of dating at that point to wear couples costumes. Obviously they don't celebrate Halloween in Japan, but I sorta want to send him a costume just for funzees.
It's funny that the Japanese don't celebrate Halloween but they sure do love Cosplay and dressing up in Anime costumes...
Fiancé, I can't wait for your first costume spotting in Japan!


The New McQueen | Spring 2011

I know I've done a lot of runway posts lately, but what is high fashion without runway? I live for runway. Where else can you see a designer's entire collection? Plus, when you see a celebrity wearing a designer piece on the red carpet, it loses a bit of its context I think.

Although it wasn't true McQueen - may he rest in peace - the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 collection is still magical and embodies much of his spirit and design aesthetic. The mirrored patterns and colors were reminiscent of Lee, but fresh silhouettes were introduced by new creative director Sarah Burton. And.... more midriff! You'll love the cropped jackets, double-belted pants and multi-belted corset designs.

Ooooh lacey pants...

Gorgeous texture on the dress on the right. YEESH!

We miss you Mr McQueen! Hope you're smiling down on the collection from your rufflled, lace-lined cloud.


Galliano Gorgeousness

As usual, the fabulously flamboyant John Galliano's Spring/Summer 2011 collection was whimsical, colorful and theatrical. Not only were the models styled with vintage-inspired hair and makeup, but Galliano wrapped many of them in sheer fabrics:

Hi Coco!

I like the color palette of these.

The garment on the left is a little see-through, but I'll allow it...

It's all about layering and sheer fabrics.

A parasol so sweet.

Bravo, Johnny boy! I saw a video clip of an interview Galliano had with Vogue, and he was already a little tipsy after the show because he was so pleased with it. If you go to Galliano's website, video of the runway show plays on the homepage. You'll see, the venue was magnificent as was the music - which sounded like the violin version of 'If I Lay Here' by Snow Patrol, no?


Fros and Disco

I just realized I need to design a more interesting Jelly Blog banner. The little brown jellyfish was my first, so we certainly need to upgrade, don't we?  I'll get on that...

In the meantime, I wanted to share a glorious editorial from the October issue of Numéro magazine - another great tip from the fabulous Chen Pascual. The model is Constance Jablonski styled by Patti Wilson; the photographer is Greg Kadel. Wilson styled the model in seventies-inspired looks with blonde and brunette afros. I thought this post would be appropriate seeing how we're in 70s fashion mode lately. 

(I read that Numéro was being criticized by some for the use of a white mother figure and a black baby. Who cares? They're both adorable, and all I can think about doing is pinching that little guy's chubby cheeks. Precious!)

This editorial makes me want to put on my sequin dress, gaudy gold jewelry and green afro wig (yes, I have one)...

 Mcgorgeous neckpiece. Constance, when you're finished with that shrug, I'll take it off your hands.

 Holy orange coat... love.

Great ring.

Does it make you wanna get down tonight? Make you wanna jungle boogie? Do you feel a Saturday night fever coming on? Ok, I'm done...