Artsy Fartsy Friday : Flying Paint & Cowboy Collages

Boysen Paint (who?) recently came out with some great CGI print ads. Very inspiring. I love that they thought outside the box on these; you don't have to show paint in a can or on a wall... you can show it flying through the air and making interesting shapes! I love the effect - the paint looks like it formed these shapes by happenstance.   <---Word of the Day, use it twice.

A JELLY! My favorite (obvi)

he even has a little slime trail

(from a past campaign comprised of floral shapes)

And this artist I was just introduced to - Javier Pinon who does work that reminds me of the renderings I have in my scrapbook (I do collages with cut-out images from magazines). Maybe that's why I dig his style. He's a collage artist. His inspirations are cowboys and Medusa. I love the whimsy of his cowboy pieces.

(a slight reference to Icarus of Greek mythology?)

I feel like this was a scene taken from an upgraded Coyote & Roadrunner cartoon. MEEP-MEEP!

Wishing all my Jellies a happy and exciting weekend. I will be running walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Oh don't worry - my team and I will be wearing head-to-toe pink. I may even rock my tutu. And pink tights. And pink eyelashes. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm walkin' it for you, G-ma!

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