Bye Bye Bra

I just wanted to quickly share the move I pulled today at work...
No - I did not spill coffee grounds all over the office kitchen (done it before).
No - I did not say "...like a Nazi" in front of my German boss (done it before).
No - I did not kick everyone's asses in an office beer-less FlipCup tournament to win the prized parking spot for the week (did it last week).
No - I did not bring police officer friends of mine into the office to freak out my coworker and make her think she was being arrested (did it last month).

This is probably an office no-no, but I swear on my life I was going to throw my suede bootie across the room today if I didn't do this. You know that feeling when your bra is just not sitting right? Like you keep adjusting it and either the straps keep falling down or you keep getting side-boob escape-age? In my case, both of those things were happening and the elastic stuff on the sides finally broke. (I'm so glad I spent $45 on that bra from Victoria's Secret a year ago and it wasn't worth it's weight in cotton balls).

Anyway it finally got to the point where I couldn't re-adjust the stupid bra anymore. So in a quiet fit of rage I undid the back clasps through my shirt, ripped the strap out one sleeve of my shirt, pulled the bra out the other sleeve, and threw it angrily on my desk calendar. Mind you, I now share my office with another person (a male) who luckily had his back facing me. My office also has a doorway to the hallway, so people are always running in and out. Somehow all of this didn't stop me from whipping off my bra like an angry feminist hippie.

The bra just stared at me with a 'gotcha!' look on its little raspberry-colored satin face. I had fully intended to put the bra back on later, but eventually work piled up and I forgot about it. Then my boss came into my office later in the day only to see this:

Judge away, boss. If you were a girl, you would understand. 


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